TfL Safer Junctions - Edgware Road and Harrow Road consultation

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Shortened description from TfL webpage

"We would like to know your views on proposals for the junction of Edgware Road and Harrow Road in the Paddington/Marylebone area.


Our Safer Junctions programme is reducing road danger at some of the most hazardous junctions in London. These junctions have high collision rates for vulnerable road users, including people walking and cycling. This programme directly contributes to our Vision Zero target to stop people from dying and being seriously injured on London’s road network by 2041.

The objectives of the Safer Junction programme are to:

- Reduce road danger and help eliminate Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) collisions
- Help create streets where people feel safe to walk, cycle and use public transport
- Make hostile junctions more welcoming and less dominated by motor vehicles, demonstrating the Healthy Streets Approach

Why we are consulting

In the last three years there were 29 personal injury collisions, of which five resulted in serious injuries (17.2%).

A number of issues have been identified with the current junction layout:

- Pedestrians not using designated crossing points
- Existing pedestrian islands are narrow
- There is a lack of cycle facilities, especially southbound where the road layout is not cycle friendly

Our proposals

We would like your views on the following proposals which aim to reduce the above issues.

Applies to the whole junction

- Introduce a 20mph speed limit across the junction
- Widen all pedestrian crossings to make for a more comfortable and safer crossing

North of the flyover

- Ban left turn from Harrow Road into Edgware Road northbound
- Build out northwest corner to remove slip road and provide a better pedestrian environment
- Convert staggered crossing to straight across crossing to create better and safer routes to and from Edgware Road Bakerloo line station
- Make Bell Street no exit onto Edgware Road
- Change current three lane road layout to two traffic lanes and a cycle lane through the junction
- Widen southbound bus lane to 4.5m as it passes the bus stop
- Install cyclist early start signal on southbound Edgware Road

South of the flyover

- Convert the short section of Edgware Road northbound bus lane beneath the flyover, into cycle lane
- Install a cyclist early start signal at the junction heading northbound on Edgware Road
- On Harrow Road westbound reduce the road width to two lanes by building out the footway on the southwest corner, to provide a better pedestrian environment
- Reduce the width of the westbound slip road from Marylebone Road to one 4.5m lane by building out the footway on the southeast corner of the junction to provide better pedestrian environment
- Remove the guardrail and narrow the pedestrian island of the pedestrian crossing to the south of the flyover to allow for an 8.0m width on the southbound Edgware Road to prevent traffic merging with cyclists

Additional proposals for the area around the junction

These proposals are not part of the Safer Junction improvements. However, opportunities have been identified to improve air quality and priority space for buses in the area and we would like to know your views on these additional proposals.

Improving the road layout for northbound buses

Just north of the Edgware Road/Harrow Road Junction the road narrows and creates a bottleneck for traffic.

Changing the footpath layout here allows for the bus lane to be extended north of Newcastle Place, removing the bottleneck for northbound buses."

Westminster Cycling Campaign will be preparing and submitting a response to this consultation, and we will be grateful for any comments you provide. TfL usually describes responses in quantitative terms, e.g. 'XX% of reponses supported or strongly supported the proposals', so we therefore encourage you to submit your own response too.


July 25th, 2019


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