TfL Consultation on Finchley Road - Boundary Road

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Added by Jean Dollimore

TfL proposes some changes related to the QuietWay "Gladstone Park to Regents Park, see map

Their proposals

Finchley Road

1. Ban the left turn for all northbound traffic (motor vehicles and cycles) from Finchley Road into Boundary Road. (Note "And Cycles"!)

2. Extend the northbound bus lane on Finchley Road

3. Changes to traffic islands to provide extra space and protection for cyclists travelling east-west along Boundary Road and crossing Finchley Road, as well as providing an improved waiting area for southbound cyclists turning right into Boundary Road from Finchley Road

4. A new 5-metre part-width Advanced Stop Line (ASL) with early release (a few seconds) on Finchley Road for cyclists travelling southbound.

5. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the southern arm of the Finchley Road junction

6. Enlarge the footway on the south-west corner of the junction,

Boundary Road

7. A new 3.2 metre wide signal controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of Boundary Road

8. Relocate and resize traffic islands to improve cyclists’ comfort

9. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the eastern arm of Boundary Road

10. Widen the central cycle feeder lane on the western arm of Boundary Road

11. Replace speed cushions with a ‘sinusoidal’ speed hump across the full width of the carriageway on the west arm of Boundary Road

12. New cyclist detection system on Boundary Road, meaning cyclists no longer have to use a push button to activate the traffic signals to cross or access Finchley Road

See the consultation at:

Reply by 27th September 2015.


September 27th, 2015


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