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  • Terrible surface condition on cycle path forming part of NCN 20

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The condition of the cyclepath is so bad that a road bike with narrow tyres cannot be comfortably or safely ridden along the cycle side of the segregared path. There are numerous potholes of more than 25mm depth and quite a bit of loose gravel besides a generally very rough surface. The surface is more pothole than surface in places! It is even bad for mountain bikes and especially bad for small wheeled bicycles such as folding bicycles. This is forcing cyclists to use the pedestrian side of the path, with the potential for safety issues and confrontation. Last seen mid July 2013.

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  • A316 Twickenham Road surface and cycleway width

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The surface of the shared use pavement is very bumpy and too narrow for cycles to easily pass pedestrians safely.

    There is plenty of room for a separate cycleway here alongside the pavement by taking some room from the car park and grass verge.

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  • Tower Bridge road surface problem

    Created by londoncycler // 1 thread

    Six inch high ridge near left side of north bound lane on the south side of the bridge forces cyclists too close to the kerb or into the path of motor vehicles. Issue reported via CTC pothole reporting site. Resurfacing required.

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