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  • Kingsbury Town Centre Proposed Public Realm Improvement Scheme

    Henry Lancashire // 1 thread

    Brent Cyclists are preparing a response to this consultation and are seeking comments.

    Brent Council State:
    "In March 2017 Brent Council consulted on Kingsbury Town Centre improvement scheme. Although the proposed improvements were supported, during the consultation period we have received a number of comments and suggestions from local businesses, residents, Ward Councillors, as well as other stakeholders such as London Buses and Brent Cyclists. Based on these comments and suggestions I am pleased to inform you that we have managed to secure additional funding to develop an alternative scheme which addresses these comments and concerns. We are therefore consulting again on the below revised proposals. These proposals align with the aspirations of the Imagine Kingsbury study which set out the community’s vision for improving Kingsbury Town Centre over the next 5 -15 years."

    Previous Consultation on CycleScape:

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  • Charlie Brown’s Roundabout

    Created by George Lund // 2 threads

    Transport for London are "proposing improvements for pedestrians and cyclists by providing signalised shared ‘Toucan’ crossings for pedestrians and cyclists on all four arms of Charlie Brown’s Roundabout. Presently there are no signalised crossings at the roundabout. Pedestrians and cyclists using the existing un-signalised informal crossing points need to wait for a safe gap in the traffic to cross, which can be difficult at times and make them feel unsafe."

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  • Lothian Road to Shandwick Place

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The pavement outside the Huxley was intended to be designated shared use, so that cyclists could turn left from Lothian Road to Shandwick Place. Dropped kerbs were installed for this purpose, but the pavement was never re-designated. This should be fixed. Similar infrastructure exists at the Mound/Princes Street junction, and works well.

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  • Narrow shared-use path

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The shared-use path between Union Road and Grove Road is only wide enough for two people walking side by side and is frequently used by pedestrians, effectively designing in conflict. The path surface itself is also heavily damaged by weathering and tree roots and makes for a rather uncomfortable ride.
    This route would benefit significantly from widening and resurfacing. There is a stretch of grassy bank on the east side of the fence that could be appropriated from the Hospital to create this additional space.

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  • Lack of Priority for Cycle Routes Around Auckland Drive

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 0 threads

    The (relatively new) shared-use pavements around Windward Way and Auckland Drive, have no priority over any of the numerous Cul-de-sacs, many of which are little more than communal driveways. The constant need to give way at each of these points makes cycling along the route uncomfortable and tedious, as well as making it harder to conserve momentum.

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  • Morville Street cycle link

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    To increase filtered permeability here, a shared-use pavement restoring the Morville Street route for cycles would be useful. There is a dropped kerb at the Ryland Street end, but a dropped kerb will be needed at the Ruston Street end.

    It is also important to provide a contra-flow access for cycles to Ruston Street.

    These two links are already informally used by local cycle users, but could do with formalising, so that they appear on cycle route planners.

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  • Llanfoist share-use cyclepath proposal

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    A key link for route 46 users, as well as people getting to/from Llanfoist village hall, is the strip of pavement on the north side of Merthyr Road. We believe there could be the width to allow this to be widened into a share-pavement allowing cyclists to avoid crossing the road twice in the space of a few hundred metres.

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  • Faded paint and invisible signs on shared/dual use pavements

    Created by Heather Coleman // 3 threads

    This is a general use issue so people can create specific threads about shared or dual use pavements where mainly the paint is so worn that they sometimes get abuse or are told off for riding where it's perfectly legal to do so.

    I'm not a great fan of these facilities, and totally subscribe to their use being 100% optional, but there are places where they are useful for some or many, for example a short stretch to avoid having to turn right twice, or to be able to make a turn at traffic lights rather than in the middle of an unsignalled area.

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  • Parking in cycle lane by car hire

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    As the shared-use pavement on the east side of the A167 passes the Enterprise Car Hire site, there is a wide driveway leading onto the care hire forecourt which is often blocked by parked vehicles, forcing pedestrians and cyclists into the main road.

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  • Shared pavement along Plymouth Road, by Old Laira Rd off-ramp

    Created by WilliamNB // 0 threads

    When cycling from Marsh Mills towards town, the pavement is a bi-directional shared path, albeit of poor quality and far too narrow to be safe. As you approach the junction where the off-ramp for Old Laira Road veers off to the left, cyclists are forced around a barrier to meet the road perpendicularly, where they have to wait until there is a large enough gap in traffic to allow them to cross.
    This is one of Plymouth's main cycle routes into and out of the city, while Old Laira Road is not a main arterial route and indeed has a 20mph speed restriction in place further on.
    It would be good if the on-footway cycle provision can become a segregated cycle path for a short distance, which may be continued across the slip road veering off to the left, as has been done on Laira Bridge Road recently, as well as on Alma Road, approaching the junction with Outland Road and Milehouse Road.
    Clear signage could be erected to show traffic wishing to cross the cycle track that it should yield to cyclists.
    The cycle track should be continued past the small traffic island and retain priority over traffic joining from Old Laira Road, before it can merge again with the shared pavement along Embankment Road.

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