Shared pavement along Plymouth Road, by Old Laira Rd off-ramp

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Added by WilliamNB

When cycling from Marsh Mills towards town, the pavement is a bi-directional shared path, albeit of poor quality and far too narrow to be safe. As you approach the junction where the off-ramp for Old Laira Road veers off to the left, cyclists are forced around a barrier to meet the road perpendicularly, where they have to wait until there is a large enough gap in traffic to allow them to cross.
This is one of Plymouth's main cycle routes into and out of the city, while Old Laira Road is not a main arterial route and indeed has a 20mph speed restriction in place further on.
It would be good if the on-footway cycle provision can become a segregated cycle path for a short distance, which may be continued across the slip road veering off to the left, as has been done on Laira Bridge Road recently, as well as on Alma Road, approaching the junction with Outland Road and Milehouse Road.
Clear signage could be erected to show traffic wishing to cross the cycle track that it should yield to cyclists.
The cycle track should be continued past the small traffic island and retain priority over traffic joining from Old Laira Road, before it can merge again with the shared pavement along Embankment Road.


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