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  • Road marking at junction create risk

    Created by User 2125 (deleted) // 0 threads

    Markings on road leave cyclists turning right into Centenary Way in a position which oncoming right turning traffic will also occupy. Needs more clarity.
    Busy and complex nature of junction means traffic often pulls out aggressively.

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  • Removal of cycle facility

    Created by fishter // 2 threads

    At the bottom of the hill there is a "chicane" for motor vehicles to negotiate. Northbound traffic must give priority to southbound traffic.

    The chicane is formed by an island on the northbound side of the road. This island has a bypass to the left to allow cyclists to proceed despite oncoming traffic.

    After a recent resurfacing of the road the markings for the cycle lane were omitted (see picture). This means that cyclists should now give priority to southbound traffic as the markings indicate they should not use the bypass.

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  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2015

    Created by Hester Wells // 1 thread

    Consultation on road markings and traffic signs at

    There are a number of things which I believe affect cyclists, see
    This is really a national issue, but didn't want to spam all users.

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  • Worn out road markings, Dragon Lane

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    Where the on-pavement cycle lane comes to an end, the road markings which continue the NCN 14 and 70 on-road are worn out and patchy. The design of the lane to take you southbound onto the pavement is poor, because the adjacent parking means that the traffic is usually driving straight over the top of the dedicated cycle lane in the middle of the road.

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  • Coronation Road Cycle Path

    Created by Keeno // 1 thread

    Someone wrote and complained in The Pigeon magazine, saying "why do cyclists not use the cyclepath on Coronation road and hold up traffic?"

    Good question. Because some people don't know it's there and the road is a smoother surface.
    It needs clear delineation, a smooth surface, and if the railings aren't to be moved, large "SHARED SPACES" marked around the tree bottlenecks (chevrons on pavement) so people know what's what.

    You wouldn't really know to look at it, that it's a cyclepath, with loats of signs stickered over.

    Ideally the Railing will be moved back to make it wider and so the large trees aren't a problem, but if money's tight, smooth surface and clear markings on the floor will do.

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