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  • Chineham to Town Centre Accessibility Improvements

    Created by jpennycook // 1 thread

    Hampshire County Council will "upgrade" the NCN23 between Chineham and Eastrop Park, and provide cycling improvements in Chineham Business Park between Crockford Lane and the roundabout.

    Improvements into the existing route from Chineham to Town Centre for non-motorised users, focussing on the National Cycle Network.

    Section 1 & 2

    This route starts from Cufaude Lane along Hanmore Road in Chineham and finishes at Swing Swang Lane. The proposal is to upgrade existing cyclist access by improving crossing point, vegetation clearance, bollards replacement, directional signing and cycle making.

    Section 3

    This route starts from Crockford Lane goes over the railway line at the north side of Chineham Business Park, through the Business Park and ends at Crockford Lane roundabout. The proposal is to implement an advisory on road cycle facility, install on road cycle signage and cycle markings down to the existing toucan crossing and then linking to an off road cycle route to Popley Way near Crockford Lane roundabout.

    Section 4

    This is an existing footpath for pedestrian and cyclist in Eastop Park. The footpath starts at the subway under the A339 Ringway East through the park and ends at Eastrop Circus.

    The main work is to resurface the footpath and convert it to a shared use footway/cycleway route. The existing route signing will be removed and replaced with new shared route signs, directional signing and bollards.

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  • East of Basingstoke and Redlands SPD consultation (closes 3 March)

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    East of Basingstoke and Redlands SPD consultation (closes 3 March)
    "East of Basingstoke and Redlands draft development brief SPD

    The Local Planning Authority has prepared a Draft Development Brief to guide future development on the strategic housing allocations at East of Basingstoke and at Redlands in north-eastern Basingstoke.

    The Development Brief will have the status of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). It will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications across the East of Basingstoke and the Redlands allocations."

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  • Woods Lane, Cliddesden, NCN23 to be closed for roadworks

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    Woods Lane is to be closed in between 15-20 February 2017 for pothole patching, according to
    Roadworks, delays likely

    15 Feb - 20 Feb

    Woods Lane, Cliddesden, Hampshire
    Responsibility for these works
    Hampshire County Council Hampshire County Council
    Information for Road Users
    Location: Woods Lane, Cliddesden, Hampshire
    Traffic lights, etc: Road closure
    Information for Operational Teams
    Highway Authority: Hampshire County Council
    Location: Woods Lane, Basingstoke - from Hatch Warren Lane Rbt. to B3046 Farliegh Road.
    Description: Cariageway Patching
    Works ref: FF11021007954
    Current status: Advanced planning
    Work info last updated: 12:53 on 18/01/2017

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