Woods Lane, Cliddesden, NCN23 to be closed for roadworks

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Woods Lane is to be closed in between 15-20 February 2017 for pothole patching, according to roadworks.org:-
Roadworks, delays likely

15 Feb - 20 Feb

Woods Lane, Cliddesden, Hampshire
Responsibility for these works
Hampshire County Council Hampshire County Council
Information for Road Users
Location: Woods Lane, Cliddesden, Hampshire
Traffic lights, etc: Road closure
Information for Operational Teams
Highway Authority: Hampshire County Council
Location: Woods Lane, Basingstoke - from Hatch Warren Lane Rbt. to B3046 Farliegh Road.
Description: Cariageway Patching
Works ref: FF11021007954
Current status: Advanced planning
Work info last updated: 12:53 on 18/01/2017


February 14th, 2017


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