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  • Kingston's "Direction of Travel" Consultation

    Created by Jon Fray // 1 thread

    Kingston Council is consulting on its "Direction of Travel" document. The document "...provides supplementary planning advice to the London Plan policies to support the development and intensification of areas within the borough to provide new homes, jobs and investment".

    It "forms part of the work undertaken by the Mayor and Kingston Council in identifying and assessing opportunities for growth in the borough for the new Local Plan and Opportunity Area Planning Framework".

    The issue is raised here so that Kingston Cycling Campaign can respond to the 'Direction of Travel' document.

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  • Wheatfield Way area

    Created by Jon Fray // 1 thread

    Kingston Council is consultig on proposals for the Wheatfield Way area. KCC needs to evaluate the proposals and respond to the Council by 18th July 2016.

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  • Fountain Roundabout

    Created by Andy Allan // 2 threads

    The Fountain Roundabout is a major barrier to cycling around New Malden. It's a large, multi-lane roundabout with no cycling facilities (and poor pedestrian crossing provision too). Lying just to the south of New Malden High Street it's key to unlocking short journeys by bike to the town centre.

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  • Kingston to Barham cycle route

    Created by Gregory Williams // 1 thread

    The road between Kingston and Barham is rural and has fast-moving traffic despite the majority of it having a 30 mph speed limit. There are no accompanying footpaths beside the road and the road is relatively narrow. A cycle and pedestrian link is required, particularly to allow schoolchildren from Kingston to safely reach the primary school in Barham.

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