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  • Woods Ave Hatfield: Extension to cycle path

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hertfordshire County Council have now completed a new cycle route along side the north side of Woods Ave, Hatfield, linking the current route from the town centre to the University Halls of Residence on Bishops Rise. Funding is from Section 106 money from the rebuilding of the Halls.

    In the longer term the aim is to extend this route south to Hill Top and then South Way and north along Bishops Rise to Cavendish Way and the Galleria, so as to provide a direct cycle route from the De Havilliland Campus to the Halls and for local people in South Hatfield to cycle to employers in the business park.

    Works were completed in May 2018. Photos are on the WelHatCycling site via the link below.

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  • Stanboroughbury - link to new housing

    Created by Adam Edwards // 0 threads

    Stanbroughbury is the new housing area proposed by Gascoyne-Cecil Estates (Hatfield House) in the area north of Hatfield Garden Village. The suggested route above would pass through the housing.

    The route would directly link the new housing to Hatfield Station via a cycling and walking route of about a mile. To achieve this requires a new bridge over the A1(M) and Comet Way and makes use of the handy gap in the housing into the Birchwood estate at this point. As the alternatives for cars are a longer way round via Wellfield Road or via Stanborough, this new route would give waling and cycling a time advantage which would therefore incentivise use.

    The route assumes a second entrance to Hatfield station at the north end of platforms 2/3 either onto Beaconsfield Road or St Albans Road East. This will be needed anyway as demand at the station increases. Opening this second entrance will also encourage walking to and from the north and west of Hatfield as it will shorten walking times quite considerably. This second entrance should be for walking and cycling only.

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  • Welham Green to University of Hertfordshire via Angerland Common

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    A possible route from Welham Green to the University of Hertfordshire and then to the Hatfield business park via the University park and ride and possible sports ground at Angerland Common, Hatfield.

    The route would use Dellsome Lane, if vegetation cleared, a short new route accross Angerland Common, the traffic lights at the park and ride to cross South Way and then shared use of the Roehyde Way pavement to join up with the existing cycle path between Colney Heath and the University.

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  • Beatrix Potter Way cycle and walking route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    In 1884 the 18 year old Beatrix Potter stayed at Bush Hall, fished in the Lea and painted a Hertfordshire Farm which looks remarkably like Mill Green, home of the WHBC museum.

    WelHatCycling therefore proposes a leisure cycling route from Stanborough Park alongside the river Lea past Bush Hall to Mill Green.

    Information on Beatrix Potter's visit to Hatfield can be found here:

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  • A414 cycle path extension

    Created by Adam Edwards // 3 threads

    Extension to cycle path along side A414, which is effectively a motorway. May happen if south east corner of WGC is developed for housing along side the A414.

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  • Hatfield St Albans all year commuter route

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The Alban Way is unlit and isolated from main roads. Thus it does not provide a safe commuter route in the winter months.

    WelHatCycling believes there should be an all year route alongside the A1057 along the route shown, linking Hatfield to the St Albans Green Ring at Fleetville and then continuing in to the city centre.

    This will be a challanging route where streets are narrow and car use is high. The priority therefore might be University of Hertfordshire - Oaklands College - Fleetville to encourage cycling to these two key educational institutions.

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  • The Common Contraflow

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The Sustrans map erroneously shows part of this route as an on road cycle path. No such path exists.

    The Common is one way south west bound. In order to spare cyclist having to use the on road cycle lane on Queensway which is badly engineered, especially at the Woods Ave roundabout, WelHatCycling believe there should be a contraflow cycle lane or shared use pavement along this route, extending accross Lemsford Road and connecting with the existing cycle path on St Albans Road West. This would create a route through the town centre to connect north and south Hatfield.

    The photo shows the north end of the Common as currently arranged for cycling.

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  • Queensway Hatfield - parallel cycle path

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hertfordshire County Council announced plans in 2014 to improve the walking route from Hatfield town centre to the railway station. We lobbied successfully for the section from the Market Place toucan to the French Horn Lane pelican crossing to be reubuilt as dual use, completing a vital link from the station to the University.

    This would be even better if officially extended round the skateboard park and accross Link Drive to join up with the Woods Ave off road cycle path, thus enabling cyclists to avoid the dangerous roundabout at the junction of Woods Ave and Queensway. This is shown in the map to the west (left) end of the route shown.

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  • Hatfield Missing Link

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hatfield has the makings of a good cycle path network. However, the cycle path from the station to the town centre ends at the west end of French Horn Lane and fails to then connect to the University to the south or the Business Park (EE HQ, etc) to the west.

    WelHatCycling are lobbying (most recently our MP Grant Shapps) to get this missing link filled. The route is shown on the map and is entirely unobstructed. The key work is a toucan crossing of Queensway, needed not only for the cycle route, but also to open up the north east end of the town centre to passing trade from people cycling and walking via the town centre.

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  • Queensway footpath - sharing use

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Map shows the route which Hertfordshire are upgrading as part of the Hatfield to Rail Station link footpath works. The plan is just for enhanced lighting, when what really should be done is to make this shared use.

    Cyclists would then use the exisiting route from the station up French Horn Lane, push accross the Puffin crossing (or cycle on road), use the stub road to the phone exchange and then go shared us to the Toucan crossing to the Market Place. That is the start of the on and off road cycle route to the University and De Havilland Village, the Alban Way and beyond.

    Without this link cyclists have to use Queensway and turn at the large fast two lanes wide roundabout at the junction with Wellfield Road. This is a major deterrnet to use.

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