Stanboroughbury - link to new housing

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Added by Adam Edwards

Stanbroughbury is the new housing area proposed by Gascoyne-Cecil Estates (Hatfield House) in the area north of Hatfield Garden Village. The suggested route above would pass through the housing.

The route would directly link the new housing to Hatfield Station via a cycling and walking route of about a mile. To achieve this requires a new bridge over the A1(M) and Comet Way and makes use of the handy gap in the housing into the Birchwood estate at this point. As the alternatives for cars are a longer way round via Wellfield Road or via Stanborough, this new route would give waling and cycling a time advantage which would therefore incentivise use.

The route assumes a second entrance to Hatfield station at the north end of platforms 2/3 either onto Beaconsfield Road or St Albans Road East. This will be needed anyway as demand at the station increases. Opening this second entrance will also encourage walking to and from the north and west of Hatfield as it will shorten walking times quite considerably. This second entrance should be for walking and cycling only.


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