No safe Access to the Cycle Network

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Added by Mike Comerford

Those of us living in the area marked have no safe access to the cycle network in order to cycle in and out of Dumfries. There are many keen cyclists in this area (as evidenced by the Toirthorwald Cycle Sportive for example).

I live with my family in a cluster of houses close to the A75 (Mouswald Banks) end of Linns Road. There are a number of cyclists at this location and we wish to cycle to Dumfries for work and for social / leisure reasons.

Our Options are:
- the A75 - definitely not safe
- to Torthorwald then along the A709 - narrow, full of heavy trucks, no pavement and very unsafe
- through Torthorwald, across the A709, onwards to Tinwald and then onto the A701 towards Dumfries until able to join the Caledonian Cycleway at Locharbriiggs. This stretch of the A701 is narrow and full of heavy trucks. Where there is a pavement it is too narrow to cycle along it. This is also a long way round to get to Dumfries.

The best solution would be to create a cycle path from Torthorwald along the A709 and through Heathhall woods to connect with the cycle network. This would serve Torthowald, Collin and surrounding hamlets. There is land along the side of the A709 to allow space to make a cycle path.

The shortest in terms of building new infrastructure, would be to make a cycle path along the A701 from the Tinwald road end to Locharbriggs. However space at the roadside along the A701 is very limited, and the route is a long way round for the communities from Torthorwald and Collin.

Building a cycle path along the A75 is an unlikely and unattractive proposition and would cause disruption along a major Trunk road.

Active travel is a priority for the Scottish Government to increase physical activity and reduce traffic emissions. Funding is available through Sustrans.

'Sustrans Scotland's Community Links programme provides funding for the creation of infrastructure that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle for everyday journeys. The programme is funded by Transport Scotland and has funded hundreds of projects across Scotland since 2010.

Through the Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2017-18, the active travel budget has been doubled to £80 million per year, from 2018-19. Community Links will help deliver a key action from this by supporting projects that make our towns and cities friendlier and safer places for people to walk and cycle.'


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