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  • Consultation on Delancey–Pratt , August 2015

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread


    This consultation proposes the construction of an important two-way east-west cycle route across Camden Town.

    It will run from St Pancras Way along Pratt Street, across Royal College Street to Camden High Street, where a two-way cycle crossing will be provided.

    It will then run two-way along Delancey Street as far as Mornington Terrace.

    A later consultation on the continuation of this route to Regents Park is promised.

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  • TfL Consultation on Finchley Road - Boundary Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL proposes some changes related to the QuietWay "Gladstone Park to Regents Park, see map

    Their proposals

    Finchley Road

    1. Ban the left turn for all northbound traffic (motor vehicles and cycles) from Finchley Road into Boundary Road. (Note "And Cycles"!)

    2. Extend the northbound bus lane on Finchley Road

    3. Changes to traffic islands to provide extra space and protection for cyclists travelling east-west along Boundary Road and crossing Finchley Road, as well as providing an improved waiting area for southbound cyclists turning right into Boundary Road from Finchley Road

    4. A new 5-metre part-width Advanced Stop Line (ASL) with early release (a few seconds) on Finchley Road for cyclists travelling southbound.

    5. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the southern arm of the Finchley Road junction

    6. Enlarge the footway on the south-west corner of the junction,

    Boundary Road

    7. A new 3.2 metre wide signal controlled pedestrian crossing on the western arm of Boundary Road

    8. Relocate and resize traffic islands to improve cyclists’ comfort

    9. Widen the existing pedestrian crossing to 3.2 metres on the eastern arm of Boundary Road

    10. Widen the central cycle feeder lane on the western arm of Boundary Road

    11. Replace speed cushions with a ‘sinusoidal’ speed hump across the full width of the carriageway on the west arm of Boundary Road

    12. New cyclist detection system on Boundary Road, meaning cyclists no longer have to use a push button to activate the traffic signals to cross or access Finchley Road

    See the consultation at:

    Reply by 27th September 2015.

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  • Dangerous cycle lane on Worting Road, Basingstoke

    Created by jpennycook // 0 threads

    Drivers are unaware/don't care/don't see cyclists in the cycle lane, so pull out of Lidl an Old Worting Road turning left, or turn right from Worting Road to Old Worting Road leading to very near misses. The cycle lane should be replaced with access to Old Worting Road near the bus stop, and improved access to Lidl provided.

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  • Lack of cycle routes to Cambridge Business Park, Waterbeach

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    My employer is planning to relocate from central cambridge to the Cambridge Business Park (near Waterbeach). There is currently no decent cycle (or footpath!) access to this business park which avoids riding along the A10. I am a confident cyclist but I am not looking forward to riding to work along sections of the A10.

    Are there any plans for cycle route construction which the campaign can, perhaps, help accelerate?

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  • Cycle Proofing falls at the first hurdle

    Created by TonyNorwich // 1 thread

    The Norwich Northern Distributor Road has been given the go-ahead by Secretary of State for Transport.

    The decision letter (see below) contains an extra-ordinary statement about “cycle proofing”.

    I understood we are waiting for the UK Cycle Proofing Working Group to publish details of what the term will mean and how it will be applied.

    However, we have the Government’s “Reponse …” of March 2015

    1.17 page 10
    The Group has already devised a clear definition of cycle proofing for stakeholders and interested bodies to note, as follows;

     Cycle proofing is a process which over time ensures that the built environment generally, and roads specifically, are seen to be safe, convenient and pleasant for cycle use by people of all ages and abilities.
     Cycling proofing involves:
     consideration of the extent and quality of existing cycling conditions on urban and rural networks of roads, streets, junctions, crossings, off-highway cycle-routes and public transport networks; and
     identification and prioritisation of measures to improve cycling conditions in the context of all transport and other infrastructure schemes and programmes, including planned road maintenance works, new developments and the creation or management of rights of way and other off highway
    routes; its aim is to progressively create comprehensive and coherent transport networks for cycle

    I have set out the document trail below:

    Planning portal site

    Secretary of State’s Decision Letter

    para 36
    36. The Secretary of State has considered the Examining Authority’s assessment of the effects of the NDR project on non-motorised users at ER 4.473-485. With regard to the
    suitability of the provision that would be made for cyclists, the Secretary of State agrees with the Examining Authority that the applicant has taken a reasonable approach to cycleproofing the project (ER 4.480).

    Examining Authorities report

    Effects on non-motorised users (NMUs) 4.473

    Norfolk County Council response:
    “However, the extensive provision of new facilities for NMUs as part of the scheme, together with mitigation for any adverse effects, is sufficient evidence that the applicant has taken a reasonable approach to cycle-proofing the scheme.”

    In evidence to the Inquiry NNC submitted the following:

    The Norfolk County Council (Norwich Northern Distributor Road (A1067 to A47(T))) Order
    6.1 Environmental Statement: Volume I

    Page 788 Non-Motorised Users

    And then page 790 Table 1.17 Permanent impact of the NDR for the NMU network

    Note only one of the works is “Beneficial”, while some are even “adverse” – is this what “Cycle-Proofing” will mean?. These assessments are subjective judgements by the developer - no objective evidence is provided.

    The NCC further state:

    12.6.12 Traffic increases for some rural and radial routes within the Norwich area would result in some localised adverse impacts for NMUs due to potential increases in community severance. This is because some NMUs may be deterred from making their existing journeys where roads with traffic increases would need to be crossed or where existing footways, cycleways and bridleways run adjacent to roads with traffic increases. Locations include:

    # Traffic increases on Holt Road as it passes through Horsford;
    # Traffic increases on North Walsham Road as it passes through Crostwick;
    # Traffic increases on the Buxton Road where it passes through Old Catton (affecting the Spixworth cycleway); and,
    # Traffic increases on Wroxham Road.

    and at 12.6.13

    In addition, some slight increases in journey times for NMUs would be experienced as a result of the proposed junctions included within the NDR,
    such as at Cromer Road. This would be particularly relevant for cyclists, where navigating junctions may deter some users from making their journeys.

    Does this meet the requirements of Government policy to increase cycling? It seems to me that those cynics who saw the Governments announcements on cycle proofing and cycling policy as hot air and headline grabing were right.

    Is there is anything that can be done ?

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  • Cycle provision for new research institute

    Richard G // 1 thread

    A new research institute is planned for the Addenbrookes campus, plans are due to be submitted within a few weeks

    There has been a exhibition of the overall plan & I have concerns about the cycle parking provision

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  • Southern end of Foundation Street should stay closed

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    During the refurbishment of St Mary at the Quay this section of road has been closed. The sky has not fallen on us and neither has traffic ground to ( any more ) of a standstill. In my opinion it should stay closed to MVs and just be segregated for bikes and peds.

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  • New cycle racks at cambridge station

    Created by Colin Rosenstiel // 1 thread

    Apart from the miserable remote location, has anyone else been having issues with the new exclusively double stack cycle parking?

    1. My bike, a pretty normal size town bike, won't fit on the lower level because the basket won't fit under the beam mounting the upper level of the rack
    2. Twice my bike has fallen out when removing it from the upper level. The wheel, also a standard size, isn't held firmly enough in the sliding rack when unlocked. The frist time it fell on me, causing minor injuries
    3. The level of maintenance is abysmal, with obvious work required being left undone for weeks. The first instance of my bike falling out was a rack that wouldn't slide in so I was removing my bike to put elsewhere. Another time the bolts hoding a rack in had come off so the frame was loose and unusable. There are two frames on the side by the back of the racks which need refixing and have done as long as the racks have been where they now are
    4. Why has the roadway got those obstructive plastic barriers all the way along, making access to the cycle parking very awkward? Such barriers are not placed between carriageway and pavements elsewhere

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  • cars parked in cycle lane

    Created by TonyBeaumont // 1 thread

    Out side the royal orthopaedic hospital up top 30 cars are parked in the cycle lane every day. Cyclists are forced out into the traffic lane of the A38 over a distance of about 1/4 mile.

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  • Consultation on Proposed Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements at York Way / Goods Way junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    The main improvement for cycling is the facilitation of an eastbound route between Goods Way and Wharfdale Road. Unfortunately, due to Wharfdale Road being one way, this route currently doesn't work westbound.

    Camden Council's proposals include the following:

    - Permit cyclists to turn right out of Goods Way into York Way

    - ASLs on all three arms of the junction

    - Northbound approach on York Way towards Goods Way reduced to single motor lane, making room for a cycle lane

    - Signalised green man crossings on all three arms of the junction (only one at present)

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  • Access to Cambridge station from north and east

    Created by Oscar Hughes // 2 threads

    Large numbers of cyclists and pedestrians access Cambridge station from Devonshire Road and from the pedestrian and cycle bridge through the car park. This is unsafe, unpleasant and dangerous. How could we develop alternatives? A better route along Station Road and Tenison Road? Direct access to the station from the east doesn't really seem feasible.

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  • Cycle Path not safe design

    Created by Smudger // 0 threads

    Where the cyclepath merges onto the road outside the Mercedes garage going to Huddersfield . The white lining disappears and the kerbs rises out of the ground causing a hazard.

    I recently came off at speed here causing injury and damage .

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  • Cambridge Northern Fringe East

    Created by Jim Chisholm // 4 threads

    There is now an Area Action Plan for the Northern Fringe East
    This is a huge area, and if the Anglia Water Works site is also redeveloped it brings big oportunities and associated risks
    The Campaign needs to be involved

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  • Removal of railings (where bikes are chained) at Addenbrookes

    Richard G // 1 thread

    I see Addenbrooke's have found a solution to all the bikes locked to the railings around by the front entrance.

    Not, as you might hope, by providing more cycle parking, but by removing the railings.

    I wandered around yesterday. There were 91 bikes parked outside of cycle rack spaces & 6 spaces free.

    should be interesting for anyone who usually cant park in a cycle space over the next few days


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  • Bridgefield scheme, Stockport centre

    Created by David Butler // 1 thread

    New cinema and car park next to Debenhams in Stockport centre. New open space on Bridgefield Street and Prince's Street. One of the objectives is "to provide enhanced public transport routes,cycle facilities and pedestrian access". Issues: cycle parking, shared space, link to wider cycle network.

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  • Lammas Land

    Created by Monica Frisch // 2 threads

    There are various cycle routes across Lammas Land and along the southern edge. There are already the following Cyclescape threads:

    #126 cycle path on Lammas Land (proposal for a new cycle path on the southern side of Lammas Land)
    #329 Lammas Land car park route improvements (as far as I can tell this covers much the same issue as #126)
    #986 route obstructed at Lammas Land

    I am about to create a new thread for lighting on Lammas Land, as there's a trial and consultation underway

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  • Bridgewater Cycleway; Deansgate/Whitworth Street junction

    Created by David Butler // 3 threads

    The Bridgewater Way aims to provide a high quality route for walkers and cyclists over the complete 65km length of the Bridgewater Canalbetween Runcorn, Leigh and Manchester City Centre. The cornerstone of the project is a major upgrade to the canal towpath, which as well as greatly improving conditions for pedestrians, will make it easier for cyclists to use the tow path.
    The Deansgate / Whitworth Street West Street junction is also proposed to be revised to provide toucan crossing points and easier access to the canal from Whitworth Street West withsignal controlled cycle movements running past Deansgate station. The proposed works at the
    junction are also intended to provide improved “on street” facilities to assist cyclists travelling towards and away from Manchester city centre.

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  • Craneford Way - Pedestrian and Cycle Access

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Note from correspondent:
    At the moment there is an agreement for non-vehicle access in and out and vehicular egress for the Canons leisure club members via a controlled barrier with responsibility in the hands of The Harlequins Management. This is regularly abused by unauthorised traffic. I want to investigate the feasibility of it being made pedestrian and cycling only, in advance of any building developments which might want to bring it back into full use for vehicle entry and egress, which would have a significant negative impact on the safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • A40 between Abergavenny and Crickhowell

    Created by Jack Thurston // 0 threads

    The A40 between Abergavenny and Crickhowell is a narrow, fast trunk road and totally unsuitable to cycling. This is a vital connecting route in the area, between two neighbouring towns. There are sections where it is easily wide enough for a proper, separate 2m wide cycle path, or a wider shared use path with pedestrians.

    This is a critical issue if the Usk valley is to be made accessible to people riding bikes.

    More detail on the issue on the ACG website:

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  • Tankerville Terrace - our design

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    Remove council's paid car parking (not well used anyhow) whilst retaining residents car parking on the east side, turn car parking space into two-way cycleway. The road might be turned into a one-way, or better still 'residents only' street

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