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  • Broadway Cycle Path

    Created by MartinGT // 2 threads

    Add a cycle path on the broadway road. This should be off the road as its currently unsafe and a race track. The grass verge is wide enough for there to be a cycle path added adjacent the current pavement.

    This would encourage more people to cycle between Horsforth & Farsley and people from Rawdon & Rodley to cycle to Horsforth then onto the Canal into Leeds etc.

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  • Lack of cycle crossing at Upper Boat.

    Created by Valleys Cycling // 1 thread

    Major roadwork are being carried out at Upper Boat including signalising junctions and installing footway (phase 2). Unfortunately the opportunity in both Phase 1 and 2 has been missed to install a cycle crossing to link the current cycle path from the South to Hawthorn via the Upper Boat PH cul-de-sac. This would have enabled safe cycle trips, avoiding the busy roundabout and given students access to the new college in Nantgarw.

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  • Grey to Green phase 1

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 2 threads

    Grey to Green scheme details:

    CycleSheffield response to Grey to Green scheme

    We were told that there wasn't enough money to provide good cycle facilities as part of the Grey to Green scheme.

    The council is now planning to use £225,000 of Sustainable Transport Exemplar Program (STEP) money to part fund the scheme.

    STEP money is supposed to be for '‘improving cycling links and other sustainable transport links across the area’.

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  • Queensway Hatfield

    Created by Adam Edwards // 2 threads

    Shared use cycle path under construction but delayed completion now set for the end of February 2016. The path with extend the route from Hatfield station up to the town centre and then via the not so good on road lanes to the University and Business Park.

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  • Cycle infrastructure needed

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The Brook Lane road badly needs cycle infrastructure and there is definitely the space available and small changes here have the potential to have a big impact on the route. Easy changes would be to resurface and open up the ends of the Brook Lane service road to allow continuous movement along it, as well as putting in a crossing for the Yardley Wood road. On the easterly section a protected bicycle lane for cyclists ascending and descending the hill could be created by moving the parking in the left lane further away from the pavement and using the resulting space (especially important for cyclists travelling up the steep hill).

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  • Lack of cycle routes to Cambridge Business Park, Waterbeach

    Created by David Green // 1 thread

    My employer is planning to relocate from central cambridge to the Cambridge Business Park (near Waterbeach). There is currently no decent cycle (or footpath!) access to this business park which avoids riding along the A10. I am a confident cyclist but I am not looking forward to riding to work along sections of the A10.

    Are there any plans for cycle route construction which the campaign can, perhaps, help accelerate?

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  • Chesterfield Road Widening Project

    Created by Matt Turner // 4 threads

    Plans are to widen Chesterfield Road as part of the Key Bus Routes project.

    The scheme plans to introduce a peak time inbound bus lane, changes to pedestrian/cycling crossings, new shared use pavements, one way streets, cycle contraflow and parking changes.

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  • Cycle route from Unthank Road to city centre

    Created by Richard Jennings // 1 thread

    From casual observations there are a number of cycles using the pair of roundabouts at the Unthank Road-Grapes Hill-Chapelfield Road junctions rather than using the suggested route via Essex Street and Rupert Street.

    These roundabouts are potentially hazardous to cyclists yet they have traffic signals and a large amount of space. Should these junctions be remodelled to give cyclists a route on their desire line?

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  • Ideal for a high quality long distance cycle route

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    From the picture (,1.2020237,3a,75y,344.67h,90.27t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s3qD7ifQ-yxT6s-syDxhktQ!2e0?hl=en ) you can see just how wide the road is. It is like this all the way from St Augustines r/bout all the way to Seven Hills . Look at the picture, the white van is moving but it barely fills half of the eastbound lane. Look at the west bound mandatory cycle lane - as usual has cars in it . The cycle lane is also very rough, much smoother to ride on the white paint !
    I believe that we could have a high quality cycle facility in both directions .
    The existing cycle route is better than nothing especially as it is mandatory but there is no enforcement against parking in the cycle lane, there are pinch points and the road space is ready for reallocation.

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  • Mariner's Way underpass (Cutter Ferry path)

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    From: Old Chesterton Residents Association
    Sent: ‎01/‎02/‎2014 15:19
    To: ...
    Subject: Consultation on 5th February

    If you have views on the Mariners Way/Cutter Ferry Lane underpass, you have an opportunity to make them known at a consultation arranged at St Andrew's Hall on 5th February. Details are attached.

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  • Route from Durham station to University (Mountjoy campus)

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    The main route from the railway station to Durham University's Mountjoy campus is not ideal at present for cyclists. DBUG offered a detailed critique of this route in the recent submission to the County Durham Plan process. See pages 25-29.

    It would be good to open some discussion on what the best means would be of improving these routes, from the radical (e.g. closing Margery Lane to through car traffic) to the obvious (20 mph speed limits on sections of the route). I'd be quite happy for this to more broadly cover pedestrian improvements too as that's all part of the active travel agenda.

    Can I suggest that people open separate discussion threads for different sections of the route, for example:

    1) railway station to Crossgate traffic lights
    2) Margery Lane to roundabout at bottom of Potters Bank
    3) roundabout to New Inn lights

    There may be some issues which affect the whole route. Are there alternative routes worth considering, such as North Road, South Street, Pimlico, or North Road, Silver Street, Saddler Street, the Bailey, Prebend's Bridge? The former is shorter but steeper, and the latter is quieter but longer.

    What do you think of the suggestions in the report? Are there other options we did not think of? What do you think is achievable?

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  • Duke of Wellington junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The junction by the Duke of Wellington has a number of issues. The only official cycling provision is the shared-use pavement on the east side of the A167, with a toucan crossing over Potters Bank. No provision has been made for cyclists to safely leave or join this path at the junction: it is as though no-one is expected to cycle on Potters Bank or Lowes Barn Bank, but in fact these roads are also well-used by cyclists.

    The photograph shows the sign at the south-east corner of the crossroads, with the cycle-route pointing you to Consett and Bishop Auckland. The sign points you to the toucan crossing in order to continue north up the A167, past Neville's Cross junction to join NCN 70 at Tollhouse Road. Of course, a cyclist with local knowledge going to Bishop Auckland would never choose to go this way: instead you would go west, down Lowes Barn Bank, to join NCN 70 at the Broompark picnic area off Broom Lane. This cuts about a mile from the journey, as well as several awkward road crossings. The sign just doesn't take account of the road and cycle-path network!

    Another issue is the timing of the traffic light phases when coming out of Lowes Barn Bank. This has been reported to the Council via FixMyStreet:

    If you observe the lights from the pavement, it is quite clear that cyclists are given insufficient time from the Lowes Barn Bank lights changing to red before the lights on the A167 go green.

    One possible solution here would be a Dutch-style "green phase" where pedestrian crossings all go green and additional cycle-only lights on all approach roads go green as well. This would allow cyclists to turn safely, join and leave the shared-use paths, etc., without suffering conflicting movements from cars. Pedestrians would be able to cross diagonally in one go if needed. Reducing the speed limit on the A167 would also help: the pavements alongside the A167 are used by children going to local schools and the park.

    The junction itself could do with the corners tightening to reduce the design speed of the junction and make it safer for vulnerable road users. Other options include making Lowes Barn Bank a non-through-road for motor vehicles or banning lorries from using it. This would allow the stop line to be brought much closer to the junction. The satellite view of the junction is quite illuminating: see how much road space is devoted to making this junction fast:

    The A167 is one lane in each direction in the sections to the north and south of the junction, but widens to three lanes south approaching the lights, and three lanes north. The need to have high-speed throughput of vehicles at the junction must be balanced against the safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists who are most vulnerable at major junctions like this.

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  • Improve Dual Carriageway, London Road, Copdock for cycling

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This is a signed cycle route from Capel St Mary into Ipswich. It used to be the A12 into Ipswich. Now it's a 50 mph dual carriageway, with little traffic due to minimal access. It would be easy to bring it down to one lane each way, and give the other lane over to cyclists with safe segregation and a wide path. Also on the south end a better link and also signage southbound to Capel St Mary and other places further south is needed.

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  • Cycle access to Edinburgh Airport

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Cycle access to Edinburgh Airport should be improved. You are currently just left to fight it out with cars and buses, then when you get close to the entrance, you have no directions to the cycle parking, and then when you do spot it you have to dart across 4+ lanes of traffic.

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  • Forest rd (Wolesey ave-Bromley rd)

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 1 thread

    Plans for a new scheme can be found here

    We have met with an engineer on site and generally agreed with the principle: proper cycle lane uphill but no cycle lane down hill, removal of pinch points, raised zebras 2 wide lanes outside William Morris with removal of pinch points, no real change further east before The bell junction will be improved.

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