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  • Herbert St - bollards after roadworks

    Sam // 1 thread

    The bollards at the bottom of Herbert St haven't been replaced after the electricity cable was laid last week.

    Rather than directly replacing the bollard slalom that existed beforehand, the bollard specialists might have suggestions on what the layout should be here which camcycle can suggest as for the replacement... 

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  • Barriers to cycling in South Lynn

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    South Lynn is infested by barriers that cause unsuspecting cyclists to crash into them, often causing damage and injury. Some of them have visible crash-damage to their paint work.

    There are two different styles present in South Lynn: tight slaloms and handlebar-grabbers. Most of them are pointless and can never stop any motorcycles because they can just access the routes from other points that do not have barriers.

    They should all be removed and replaced with single central bollards to prevent car access.

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  • Bollards on Hungate Bridge

    Created by becm // 1 thread

    Hungate Bridge at the Navigation Road end is heavily bollarded on one end people on bikes and variants and people on foot are forced into a narrowed corridor by bollards. Yet, the width of he route is not restricted on either side.

    It is unnatural and unnecessary. It brings people on bikes and variants into contact with each other and with people on foot or in wheelchairs, etc. It seems to be 'traffic-calming'. To my mind this undermines active travel messages and initiatives by making movement more complicated and fraught for all users.

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  • Bollards on Newbridge bridge.

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    The bollards at the bottom of the ramps on either side of the bridge over the M9 are too narrow. This means that cyclists coming onto the ramps need to stop to manoeuvre around them, which makes it difficult to get going again.

    It also makes it very difficult, or even impossible, for people with tandems, cargo bikes, wheelchairs etc. to use the bridge.

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  • Gap between bollards too narrow; missing dropped kerb

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    There are two lines of bollards on this path, which are set quite close together, preventing easy access for disabled people, cyclists with trailers etc.

    Also, at the top of the path, there is no dropped kerb, making it difficult to return to the carriageway at Cook Crescent.

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  • Gap between bollards too narrow

    Created by FrenchyF // 0 threads

    The gap between the bollards is too narrow, as it forces cyclists to dismount to pass, even if they don't have a trailer. Ellen's Glen Loan is, as far as I know, the only paved route between Gilmerton and Liberton which avoids the main roads, and this path is the only paved way to reach it from Gilmerton.

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  • Path from Riverside to Newmarket Road next to Tesco

    Created by Matthew // 3 threads

    Umbrella 'Issue' for several issues facing the path alongside Tesco:

    1. Poor junction design at Riverside
    2. #AbsoluteBollards along the way
    3. Wacky chicanes at Cheddars Lane rendering the path unusable by many people

    and anything else.

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  • Bollards on Bradgers Hill cycle path

    Created by Alan T // 0 threads

    The spacing of the double bollards on the hill is too tight and they make if difficult for recumbents cycles and trikes to navigate the hill. Another issue this winter has been the amount of mud on the road. It is now getting very dangerous due to lack of grip in the wet combined with the narrow gaps in the bollards.

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  • Obstruction at St. John's Street rising bollards

    Created by Jim Baker // 1 thread

    I have observed vehicles queuing at the rising bollards on St. John's Street before 4pm, apparently mostly belong to market tradespeople waiting for the bollards to go down. On at least one occasion this has meant the road is impassable to cyclists.

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  • Groningenisation of Farncombe

    Created by Jenny Barnes // 2 threads

    If the level crossings either side of farncombe station were cycle/ ped only, with bollards in nightingale rd at the farncombe street end, and on frith hill, farncombe would be divided into 3 areas for cars, each of which would need to come out onto distributor roads. Further, if the New pond rd end of summers Rd as far as Brioadwater school were made one way southwest bound, any traffic trying to bypass the a3100/ Meadrow would be unable to.

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  • Hardings Way and Connections

    Created by MJR // 4 threads

    Hardings Way is incomplete and frequently under threat. What exists is a fairly good and very popular route from Wisbech Road to Boal Quay, but the route south of Wisbech Road is still not open (2014). Most of the connections are also incomplete: when buses were allowed onto Hardings Way, we were supposed to get improved connecting routes including through the town centre (never happened) and past the Southgates (dangerously botched). Instead, the northern part is under threat of being opened to taxis and minicabs (July 2014 draft Air Quality Action Plan) and there are frequent rumours of it being opened to all traffic, contrary to local and national policies.

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  • 'Quick Wins' - minor cycling infrastructure improvements in Camden

    Created by George Coulouris // 2 threads

    Camden officers have indicated that they would like to receive prioritised list of suggestions for (very) minor improvements throughout the borough that will make cyclists feel better catered for. Examples of changes that will be considered:
    - dropped kerbs
    - obstructive barriers (i.e. anti-motor cycle barriers)
    - stretches of poor road surface (such that you have slow down on a Brompton or weave around holes)
    - Feeders into ASLs that are too short or non-mandatory

    Changes that shouldn't be suggested for this initiative include:
    - anything that would require a local consultation
    - anything that involves changes to parking provision
    - individual pot-holes

    To compile a list, we want suggestions from members. The Council's deadline is Monday November 25th. So can we have members' suggestions by Wednesday November 20th please. That will allow time for us to compile a list and circulate it here for comment.

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  • Restrictive Permeability between Bristol and South Gloucestshire on Wordsworth Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    A northern stretch of Bristol's waymarked "Concorde Way" runs along a quiet residential street, Wordsworth Road. On the newest housing development as Bristol gives way to South Gloucestershire there is a barrier between the end of Wordsworth Road and the start of Eighth Avenue to prevent motor vehicles passing through. There is a raised curb, offset railings and large grey concrete bollards and only a narrow passage either side of one bollard for cyclists to ride through. Tricycles, cargo bikes, or trailers might be to be lifted over the raised curb. In dusk or darkness neither the bollards nor the curb are easy to see. There is a light on the traffic sign offering some help, but a less intimidating arrangements or reflective/high-visibility surfaces could be considered.

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  • Bollards on footway near Hemingford Road

    Created by cobweb // 0 threads

    The proposal is to install two bollards on the corner of Hemingford Road in order to prevent cars from mounting the pavement. The pavement here (as with much of Mill Road) is not that wide. A build out was considered but it was felt that this would create pinch point of cyclists.

    (Scheme 16, page 29)

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  • Evil posts on busway cycleway

    Created by David Earl // 4 threads

    There are some evil short grey posts on the busway cycleway that are really hard to see in the dark. I have heard of a number of people hitting them with disastrous consequences

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