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  • CBC Wayfinding Survey

    Created by Finlay KM // 1 thread

    Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) is currently in the process of developing a new wayfinding system for the communal, external spaces within the campus. This system will include new maps and signage to improve navigation in public spaces for staff, patients and visitors to the site and help to reduce stress when visiting the campus. In order to fully understand how the campus is currently used and the key issues, we would like to gain your invaluable input.

    Note that the new wayfinding system will be focussing on the public space rather than the internal space of individual buildings, please limit your feedback to your experience of finding your way through the external public space on campus. Thank you in advance.

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  • Wayfinding: Moffat Road to Caledonian Cycleway

    Created by Cycling Dumfries // 1 thread

    It's possible to get to the new shared-use path near the High School from the Caledonian Cycleway/ St Mary's Industrial Estate / Edinburgh Road using cut throughs and back streets but it's not at all clear. A couple of signs on the corner of the Moffat Road / Carnegie St, Greystone Crescent, and the Edinburgh Road and St Mary's Road path entrances, plus a fingerpost at the junction of the three paths at the foot of the Caledonian Cycleway would be really helpful to make the most of this developing off-road network

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