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  • The Narrow Way proposals

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 0 threads

    Hackney Council removed southbound buses from the Narrow Way recently. Having made these changes permanent, they are now proposing to redesign and improve the streets.

    They propose 'removing the existing conventional road layout and replace it with a new, accessible pedestrian friendly street.

    'Simplifying the street by removing the current clutter and providing new seating and cycle parking.

    'Creating a new public spaces that are flexible and adaptable, and will allow for events and other activities to be hosted.'

    The proposals shown here do not address difficulties people cycling have accessing the Narrow Way from the south.

    Please let us know your thoughts - all contributions will help us formulate Hackney Cycling Campaign's formal response to the council on the issue.

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  • Consultation on Proposed Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements at York Way / Goods Way junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    The main improvement for cycling is the facilitation of an eastbound route between Goods Way and Wharfdale Road. Unfortunately, due to Wharfdale Road being one way, this route currently doesn't work westbound.

    Camden Council's proposals include the following:

    - Permit cyclists to turn right out of Goods Way into York Way

    - ASLs on all three arms of the junction

    - Northbound approach on York Way towards Goods Way reduced to single motor lane, making room for a cycle lane

    - Signalised green man crossings on all three arms of the junction (only one at present)

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  • Girton Interchange "Improvements"

    Created by Jamie // 1 thread

    At the moment it is possible to cycle from Cambridge Road, near Madingley, to Girton, on a bridleway that crosses over the A428 and then passes under the M11 at the Girton Interchange. You can then cross three roads (A1307) and reach a pavement on the North-East side of the Interchange. Using the pavement you can then reach Washpit Lane and cycle up towards Girton. (The pavement is marked as a shared-use route on the OSM Cycle map, although I am not sure that it really is.)

    Apart from having to be careful when crossing the A1307 junction it is a rather pleasant route to ride.

    The Girton Interchange is being "improved" to reduce the bottleneck for cars. Does anyone know what plans there are to ensure that the current route through remains open and whether there are plans to improve the bridleway route through? Or will this be another example of roads being developed to the detriment of footpaths/bridleways.

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  • Alban Way widening Sutton Road

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    There is a short section of the Alban Way where it is significantly narrowed as a result of encroachment from the morissons supermarket dite, leaving a width of no more than 1.5m. To the side the land falls away down to the caravan park road. It could be eaily widened with gabbions on the caravan park road side subject to land ownership and approval.

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  • Alban Way tree obstruction at Morissons Fleetville

    Created by mike1727 // 1 thread

    At the back of Morrisons there is a large tree which obstructs the Alban Way, narrowing an already narrow stretch down to approx 750mm at the tree and causing obstructions.
    This tree needs removing asap.

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  • Restrictive Permeability between Bristol and South Gloucestshire on Wordsworth Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    A northern stretch of Bristol's waymarked "Concorde Way" runs along a quiet residential street, Wordsworth Road. On the newest housing development as Bristol gives way to South Gloucestershire there is a barrier between the end of Wordsworth Road and the start of Eighth Avenue to prevent motor vehicles passing through. There is a raised curb, offset railings and large grey concrete bollards and only a narrow passage either side of one bollard for cyclists to ride through. Tricycles, cargo bikes, or trailers might be to be lifted over the raised curb. In dusk or darkness neither the bollards nor the curb are easy to see. There is a light on the traffic sign offering some help, but a less intimidating arrangements or reflective/high-visibility surfaces could be considered.

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  • LSTF Proposal Easton Way, Bristol

    Created by David Wilcox // 1 thread

    Provide a continuous, uninterrupted route with pedestrian and cyclist priority over side junctions, adjacent to Easton Way on both the East and West side. Utilise existing roads, footpaths and the verge, including the bunds.
    Investigate options to improve legibility at the Lawrence Hill Roundabout and provide links to West Street/Old Market.

    Easton Way is a barrier for both pedestrians and cyclists. These proposals would seek to reverse some of the community severance that results from a road of this nature. The route will provide for variety of journeys such as; Stapleton Road to the new Library development at junction 3; and from Lawrence Hill to Old Market and the City Centre. It will also link existing routes such as the Concorde Way, Frome Greenway and BBRP to the Spine Road, providing a good North/South route.

    Research has identified three key perceptions that deter people from taking up cycling: lack of personal safety; inconvenience; poor image. Experience from countries in northern Europe shows conclusively that in order for cycling to become a mass activity attracting all ages and abilities these perceptions have to be tackled and potential cyclists must believe they will feel safe, valued and normal. Facilities are needed that form a coherent network, separate cyclists from fast, high volume traffic and offer them a high degree of priority and convenience both on main routes and local roads. The purpose of Bristol's 'Design Cycling' work programme is to create a network and that is convenient, safe and provides speedy access all over the city. A network which a 12 year old would feel comfortable using.

    Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.

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  • Two-way cycling in Romsey

    Created by Simon Nuttall // 1 thread

    Converting one-way streets to two-way cycling has long been a Cambridge Cycling Campaign priority.

    Progress has been made, with Hope Street being made into a two-way street with a no motor vehicles exemption at one end.

    Now that Except Cycles signs under No Entry signs are permitted there is scope for extending this to Romsey Streets.

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  • One way Except Cyclists

    Created by Richard Alderson // 0 threads

    Making this road 2 way for cyclists will greatly increase the permability through Altrincham. Without this exception cyclists are forced onto the busy A56 or Stamford New Road also busy. Test

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