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  • St Margarets Rd / Richmond Rd - no protection for cycling

    Created by Andrew Woodward // 0 threads

    The route from Richmond Bridge to St Margarets is very busy with traffic and offers very little protection for people cycling. LCN 37 attempts to divert you through Rosslyn Road but this is very inconvenient for westbound cyclists since it requires you to cross the main road twice just to enjoy a short section of quiet road. Providing protected space for cycling along this stretch of road would link up Richmond Bridge to the quiet route down Amyand Park Road to Twickenham town centre.

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  • Twickenham Bridge to Thames Path

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The cycleways along the Thames Path and along Ducks Walk are not connected with the south/east side cycleway across Twickenham Bridge and only to the north/west side cycleway via a long detour through Old Deer Park or along The Avenue.

    A ramped way down from the bridge would create a useful route for people into and out of Richmond town center that is currently only possible by using two flights of steps.

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