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  • Six-month closure of Halingway / Towpath

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    Announcement from Cam Conservancy:

    Tree management Programme 2023/24​ A recent tree survey has identified  the necessity for pruning and in some cases felling dangerous trees to ensure the safety of those using the Halingway.A ‘TTRO’ Temporary Traffic Regulation Order has been approved to temporarily close sections of the Halingway/towpath (Chesterton to Clayhithe) between 1 November until 31 March 2024.​

    • There will be some temporary closures, of sections of the Halingway, for a few hours to deal with individual trees that present more pressing issues.
    • Closures of longer duration between Baitsbite Lock to Grassy Corner , within the above dates, will be necessary to manage larger sections.
    • All closures will be between the hours on 0900hrs-1700hrs, Monday to Friday
    • Arrangements have been made to suspend closures for official rowing events.
    • Scheduled closures will be updated regularly on the website diary. 

     The Conservancy appreciates this may cause some temporary inconvenience, however these works are necessary and have been planned to ensure the safety of those who  use the Halingway and the staff carrying out the works.​

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