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  • Craneford Way - Pedestrian and Cycle Access

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Note from correspondent:
    At the moment there is an agreement for non-vehicle access in and out and vehicular egress for the Canons leisure club members via a controlled barrier with responsibility in the hands of The Harlequins Management. This is regularly abused by unauthorised traffic. I want to investigate the feasibility of it being made pedestrian and cycling only, in advance of any building developments which might want to bring it back into full use for vehicle entry and egress, which would have a significant negative impact on the safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Cycling to School in St Margarets and North Twickenham

    Created by Kate // 1 thread

    There are three schools in this ward (St. Stephens Primary, Orleans Primary, Richmond Upon Thames College) and more just on the edge of the ward boundaries (Chase Bridge, St Mary’s, Ivybridge, Worple Primary, Orleans Secondary) and there is a lot of traffic. Children should be able to cycle to them safely without having to share space with high volume, fast moving traffic. The roads surrounding these schools should all have 20mph zones including larger roads such as St Margarets Road, which is a heavily used link between areas. There should be car-free access around the schools, and protected routes to arrive there. In due course there should be a default 20 mile an hour limit on all residential roads in the borough.

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  • Blocked dropped kerb

    Created by Paul L // 0 threads

    The cycle route from Ranelaugh Drive towards Isleworth involves crossing the footway. A dropped kerb has been provided (but no other markings) but this is frequently blocked by parked cars. A solution would be to place a bollard either side of the dropped section.

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  • Twickenham Bridge to Thames Path

    Created by Paul James // 1 thread

    The cycleways along the Thames Path and along Ducks Walk are not connected with the south/east side cycleway across Twickenham Bridge and only to the north/west side cycleway via a long detour through Old Deer Park or along The Avenue.

    A ramped way down from the bridge would create a useful route for people into and out of Richmond town center that is currently only possible by using two flights of steps.

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