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  • Brick strips are painful for weaker cyclists

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 1 thread

    A large number of brick strips have been installed across the path in Magdalene Glen in early 2017.

    While these do nothing at all to deter fast cyclists, they are a real pain for slow cyclists, people with arthritic hands (due to the vibrations and need to grip the handlebar very strongly).

    It is not clear if there has been any consultation about these measures. Neither Spokes nor anybody on the CEC forum seems to have been aware of the plans.

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  • Bone-shaker speed bumps

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 1 thread

    The road through Inch Park has a lot of very high/short speed bumps which are total bone-shakers for people on bicycles - dunno how many eggs I have broken cycling home from the shopping centre.

    I realise aggressive speed bumps are there to remind drivers of the 10mph speed limit.

    Perhaps they could be changed to have a gap or a shallower ramp in the centre so that they are easier on bicycles. Some actually have pothole repairs which essentially created such a ramp and they are much nicer.

    Presumably this would also be better for users of mobility scooters.

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  • Western Park Road - Cars avoiding speed bumps

    Created by MikeF // 0 threads

    When cycling along western park road towards mutley. On sections that have speed bumps without the traffic islands/bollards, car/taxi drivers dangerously position their cars (across both lanes) at speed to avoid the speed bumps. Friday & Saturday nights is the worst time with the taxi's.

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