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  • failure to keep clear HARMSTOM ROAD

    Created by Trothben // 1 thread

    driver understanding lacking. Does the council need to release a youtube video say of a traffic cop driving around pointing out how to behave around these areas.

    Or a sign: "treat as a zebra crossing, Give way and keep clear at all times."

    Second part for the same reason crocodile teeth are present on the approach to zebra crossings does a similar approach with yellow lines need to stop drivers blocking the visibility.

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  • Priority at side entrances, A167

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The photo shows the entrance to Durham Johnston school. Sweeping curves allow fast access to/from the main road, and the cycle path basically gives out. OK, this is probably not a busy side-road, but why on earth can we not have a level, moderately straight route for the cycle path, with priority over the vehicles turning in or out of the school? A raised table to make it clear that motor vehicles should give way. There are plenty more examples along the A167 route of side roads that could do with similar treatment.

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  • Park Shot junction

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    The entrance to Parkshot from the A316 cuts with a wide fast radii across the cycleway (as it becomes a narrow shared use pavement). Vehicles come at speed from the Circus and turn without seeing crossing cycles.

    With access to Parkshot from Clarence Street, this entrance could easily be closed to motor traffic.

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