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  • Segregation on the A1010 South

    Created by Paul F // 1 thread

    As the cycle lanes on the A1010 South (from Ponders End to the North Circular) near completion, segregation is starting to be added. What do we want this to be like, what particular issues are there? Thoughts welcome.

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  • Missing link on Malden Road

    Created by Andy Allan // 0 threads

    Heading southbound from New Malden along Malden Road, there is a segregated bike path for most of the route between the Fountain Roundabout and the A3. Unfortunately it ends around 100m before the A3 junction, and bikes are forced back onto the busy A2043.

    It would be a good idea to link the bike path along the A2043 to paths around the roundabout, to make a joined up route.

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  • Facilities on Groathill Avenue to improve QuietRoute 20

    Created by Chris Paton // 0 threads

    Consider facilities on Groathill Avenue to improve connectivity between Craigleith Hill Avenue (quiet road part of QR20) and the junction with NCN1 / North Edinburgh Path Network and the Craigleith Retail Park.

    Groathill Avenue has no cycling facilities on it whatsoever, even though it is a link the council's QuietRoutes network. It is an important link in QR20 that connects Craigleith, Inverleith, and Stockbridge with the main offroad cycle network and additionally a busy retail park. Groathill Avenue is certainly not quiet, especially at the weekend when retail park traffic combined with parked cars makes it really hazardous and not at all cycle or pedestrian friendly. Improving this would encourage cyclists and help reduce traffic pressures in the long term.

    Groathill Avenue has reasonable width and so there does seem to be space for either a shared use footpath or a dedicated cycleway, particularly if parking restrictions are implemented to allow free movement of traffic along the remaining carrigageway. Given that the street has houses on it I believe a dedicated cycleway is best to avoid conflict between cyclists and homeowners. In either case, the east side of the street makes most sense as this means that cyclists can use the existing toucan crossing at the offroad path access and continue north to Craigleith Hill Avenue. As part of this it would make sense to improve the connection at Craigleith Avenue with better signage/markings and dropped kerbs to access the new path.

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