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  • Linton Greenway

    Created by wookey // 1 thread

    One of the Greenway radial routes is Linton, Abingtons, Babraham, Babraham P&R, Addenbrookes.

    It is being consulted-on in sections:

    * Addies <-> Babraham P&R, 

    * Babraham P&R <-> Babraham research roundabout

    * Babraham research roundabout <-> Linton

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  • Double the path width in Holm Park

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    It's great that this is such a well used path by people walking, cycling and running. There's loads of space to make this path at least twice as wide which would give people walking and people cycling their own paths and avoid conflict. When walking it's annoying when you have to single up to let a cyclist past.

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  • Billet Road E17

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    The Council has successfully secured funding from Transport for London (TfL) to improve safety for all road users along the whole length of Billet Road. In the last 5 years a total of 62 accidents which involved injuries and fatalities were recorded making this a particular unsafe area within the Borough. The scheme aims to reduce accidents along the road whilst improving the overall safety for all road users.
    In September and October 2015, we sent a survey to local people asking them to identify problems along the road and to tell us what they would like to see to help improve road safety. The results of the survey showed that people were most concerned about crossing the road, getting around the area and not feeling safe when travelling along the road.
    The top improvements people would like to see were; slower traffic, safer crossing points, protected cycle lanes and better pavements.
    We also asked Emergency Services about the issues they faced and what they would like to see to help improve road safety.

    Based on the results of the survey and the feedback from Emergency Services we have
    developed a set of proposals that aim to make improvements for all road users:
    • Bus stop improvements to provide better access for passengers including disabled users.
    • Improve and raise the existing zebra and signal crossings.
    • A new raised zebra crossing on Billet Road near Cecil Road.
    • 20mph speed limit along Billet Road.
    • Better and energy efficient street lighting.
    • Tree planting and footway resurfacing along the road.
    • A new raised road table at Billet Road’s junction with Guildway to reduce traffic speed.
    • Two-way, fully segregated east and west cycle track.
    • New ‘floating’ style bus stop to improve safety for cyclists and bus passengers.
    • Raised areas at junctions that prioritise pedestrians and slow traffic down.
    • De-cluterring of street furniture such as removing redundant posts and signs along Billet Road and side road entrances.
    • Parking bays relocated at certain unsafe locations along the road to be converted to
    segregated cycle track. New parking bays will be provided nearby.
    • Various waiting and loading restriction at locations of concern to improve road safety
    and ensure smooth flow of traffic.
    • Anti-skid surface to help prevent vehicles from skidding.
    Please note there are also a number of locations on the road where future improvements works will be happening outside of this scheme. These are highlighted as ‘future improvement works’ on the plan.

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  • Dangerous infra fail Clyde Gateway A728/Dunn St

    Created by Lizzie // 1 thread

    Protected space for cycling Eastbound along Clyde Gateway, it's marked along the footway, too narrow but not bad. Then reach the junction with Dunn St and the cycle path joins the carriageway and immediately in conflict with a huge sweeping left turn filter lane. This is terrible, dangerous design.

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  • Southern end of Foundation Street should stay closed

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    During the refurbishment of St Mary at the Quay this section of road has been closed. The sky has not fallen on us and neither has traffic ground to ( any more ) of a standstill. In my opinion it should stay closed to MVs and just be segregated for bikes and peds.

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  • LSTF Proposal Easton Way, Bristol

    Created by David Wilcox // 1 thread

    Provide a continuous, uninterrupted route with pedestrian and cyclist priority over side junctions, adjacent to Easton Way on both the East and West side. Utilise existing roads, footpaths and the verge, including the bunds.
    Investigate options to improve legibility at the Lawrence Hill Roundabout and provide links to West Street/Old Market.

    Easton Way is a barrier for both pedestrians and cyclists. These proposals would seek to reverse some of the community severance that results from a road of this nature. The route will provide for variety of journeys such as; Stapleton Road to the new Library development at junction 3; and from Lawrence Hill to Old Market and the City Centre. It will also link existing routes such as the Concorde Way, Frome Greenway and BBRP to the Spine Road, providing a good North/South route.

    Research has identified three key perceptions that deter people from taking up cycling: lack of personal safety; inconvenience; poor image. Experience from countries in northern Europe shows conclusively that in order for cycling to become a mass activity attracting all ages and abilities these perceptions have to be tackled and potential cyclists must believe they will feel safe, valued and normal. Facilities are needed that form a coherent network, separate cyclists from fast, high volume traffic and offer them a high degree of priority and convenience both on main routes and local roads. The purpose of Bristol's 'Design Cycling' work programme is to create a network and that is convenient, safe and provides speedy access all over the city. A network which a 12 year old would feel comfortable using.

    Part of the 2013 Bristol City Council LSTF proposals.

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