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  • Strafford Road Consultation

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Changes to make school crossing better.
    "Concerns have been raised through the St Mary’s Church of England School Travel Plan regarding the lack of a safe place to cross the road outside of the middle site for the school.

    Officers assessed conditions at the end of school time and found that parents and pupils currently cross in random locations and often between parked cars where sightlines are reduced. Concerns were also raised regarding vehicles travelling at inappropriate speeds."

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  • Worcesters Primary School proposed junction improvements

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Enfield council says: "Worcester's Primary School has recently completed building works so that it can accommodate 630 pupils, plus 30 nursery places and the continued use of the Children Centre. The volume of pedestrian and vehicle traffic has increased as a result of this expansion and recent surveys highlight the risk of conflicts at the junction of Goat Lane and Garnault Road. Based on our observations and as part of the Council's policy on promoting sustainable travel, the Council proposes a number of measures."

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  • Bicycle Friendly Awards

    Created by // 3 threads

    Campaign to issue annual Bicycle Friendly Awards to business, colleges, universities, departments, shops, employers, delivery business, taxi companies, places of worship etc.

    This process frames, develops and establishes local bicycle "culture," gives positive feedback and publicity.

    Evaluation could focus on
    1) support for employees and customers who cycle
    2) education of (professional) drivers on how to safely interact with cyclists on the road

    Precedent could be the League of American Bicyclists They issue such recognition annually to cities, campus, business etc and involve local members in the evaluation process

    Threads on various categories of recipients to design process and assemble contacts

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  • Cycle Parking required for school drop-offs

    Created by Jon_B // 0 threads

    Cycle parking (ideally on-carriageway replacing an existing car parking space) should be provided on Cobbold Street to facilitate parents transporting children to St Margarets CEVAP school by bike. Existing cycle parking within the school grounds does not really make sense for this purpose as it requires cycles to be wheeled in and out of the site which is impracticable and could give rise to health and safety issues.

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  • Tankerville Terrace - our design

    Created by Katja Leyendecker // 0 threads

    Remove council's paid car parking (not well used anyhow) whilst retaining residents car parking on the east side, turn car parking space into two-way cycleway. The road might be turned into a one-way, or better still 'residents only' street

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  • Safe access to school for children cycling

    Created by timlennon // 0 threads

    Facilities to cycle to school are extremely limited, mostly involving sharing pavements which are busy in the morning. Lots of dropping of by car in a very restricted area, and disjointed, incomplete routes, especially around the South Circular, where no-one really wants to cycle, least of all with children.

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  • Chilmington Green development

    Created by Gregory Williams // 2 threads

    The Chilmington Green planning application proposes approximately 5750 dwellings, four primary schools, a secondary school, local shops, community facilities, and a Park & Ride facility.

    NCR18 runs through the heart of the proposed development.

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  • Cycle path to South Canterbury schools

    Created by Gregory Williams // 0 threads

    A cycle path is needed to link to Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School and St. Anselm's Catholic School in South Canterbury. This will increase the number of pupils and staff that are able to commute to these schools.

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  • Bike Parking Shortage at Hills Rd 6th Form College

    Created by // 1 thread

    Rather than providing adequate cycle parking for their pupils this Sixth Form college is discouraging cycling and increasing the likelihood of cycle theft. The bikes that were previously attached to these railings are now left on the opposite side of the road where they are not so securely parked. See #27865 or #27866

    Although some cycle parking does seem to have been provided: #28093, #28092 it is clearly not enough

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  • Right Turn at School

    Created by // 2 threads

    Hills Road Bridge is a Natural Bottleneck which has high bike density. Bike Traffic to the school on Hills Rd will need to turn right into Purbeck Rd. There is a bus stop on the left which slows down traffic, but generally cars are in an accelerating mood here. Right turn pocket? Traffic Light? suggestions please

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