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  • Reallocation of cycle space (driverless buses/pods)

    Created by Jim Chisholm // 1 thread

    A driverless pod system is proposed is proposed to connect CBC and Trumpington P&R.
    It 'implies' it will use maintenance-track!
    "An out-of-hours driverless shuttle service on the fixed path from Trumpington Park and Ride will aim to allevieate congestion on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus."

    We need to find out more.
    A similar system is proposed to connect Whittlesford station and Genome Campus. This should offer possibilites for a new walking and cycling route.

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  • The Reach Free School to Mill End and Maple Cross, Hertfordshire

    Created by Peter Loader // 1 thread

    The Reach Free School plans to move to a permanent site in Mill End, Rickmansworth, Herts. There has been a public exhibition of the draft proposals so that the Education Funding Agency can gather feedback before it submits a planning application to Three Rivers District Council. At the exhibition, the draft cycling/walking routes linking the school to Mill End and Maple Cross seemed to be unsatisfactory and to conflict with the adopted Three Rivers Local Plan.

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  • Green End Road redesign

    Created by Cllr Ian Manning // 2 threads

    I've long thought the Green End Road area, specifically the section closest to Milton Road, is prime territory for a big reallocation of space, with segregated cycleways, pavements and a narrowed road.

    There is a *small possibility* of including an ambitious plan for this in the station project.

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  • Chatham Road, Boxley. Experimental TRO

    Anon // 2 threads

    Early in February I came across some changes to the layout of the road.
    There were notices up explaining that it was an experimental scheme, intended to stop lorries parking. 500 metres of the road had been made one way southbound and one lane plus the parking bays bollarded off.
    The cycle route between Maidstone and the Medway Towns via Bluebell Hill used that 500 metre stretch northbound. I saw that as a problem.

    Don’t worry I was told, the scheme isn’t complete yet.

    Returning in March I discovered that the adjacent footway has been marked for shared use by equestrians, pedestrians and cyclists. Some blue signs have been added but the path remains cracked, potholed and broken and it is around one metre wide. It's also rapidly becoming overgrown.

    There are design manuals for cycle facilities. They recommend a width of three metres for two way traffic. They also recommend that, where space is available, cycle facilities should be on the carriageway.

    KCC say they considered cyclists and equestrians at the earliest stages of the design and that a minimum level of provision was made as the scheme is temporary.

    I don’t know why KCC haven’t done the job right but I do know the situation may become permanent unless cyclists campaign against it.

    The consultation period ends on 15 July, please take some time to object to the scheme in its present form.

    Related FOI here:

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  • Ideal for a high quality long distance cycle route

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    From the picture (,1.2020237,3a,75y,344.67h,90.27t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s3qD7ifQ-yxT6s-syDxhktQ!2e0?hl=en ) you can see just how wide the road is. It is like this all the way from St Augustines r/bout all the way to Seven Hills . Look at the picture, the white van is moving but it barely fills half of the eastbound lane. Look at the west bound mandatory cycle lane - as usual has cars in it . The cycle lane is also very rough, much smoother to ride on the white paint !
    I believe that we could have a high quality cycle facility in both directions .
    The existing cycle route is better than nothing especially as it is mandatory but there is no enforcement against parking in the cycle lane, there are pinch points and the road space is ready for reallocation.

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  • Cycling on Camden Road

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    TfL officers told us last November that they have a project to improving conditions for cyclists on Camden Road. This would include "investigating the feasibility of a northbound mandatory cycle lane; a wide bus and cycle lane southbound and the removal of two- lane flares at junctions". They assumed a 12m road width, suggesting 6m for a pair of general traffic lanes together with a 2m cycle lane and 4 m bus +cycle lane.

    They are now inviting CCC to a meeting to discuss cycling on the TLRN in Camden, and also take the opportunity to walk along Camden Rd to further discuss the corridor scheme they’re progressing. On further enquiry they said:
    "We would prefer to take the opportunity to engage with CCC as an independent stakeholder, separate from LB Camden, in order to fully understand the campaign’s ambitions for the TLRN."

    1. Let's clarify what we would want on Camden Road (without taking on TfL's assumption that there must be a bus lane. And being realistic as to what might fit in at a junction. The above photo shows a potential left hook situation.

    2. Can I have volunteers to join me on this walk/talk.


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  • Framwellgate Waterside roadspace allocation

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The picture shows Framwellgate Waterside, part of the national cycle network route through Durham which also connects with a major route to Newton Hall and the riverbank paths. Yet as a car driver you could be completely unaware that this is a major cycle route as there is no obvious cycling provision. Cyclists can be unsure whether they are meant to be on the road or on the footway by the river.

    At the far end of the shot, the road disappears under the Gates shopping centre, where are located two car parks with a capacity of over 450 places. Despite this we have on-road car parking all along this stretch of road. Providing a fully-segregated bi-directional cycle path of decent width instead would send a much stronger signal that cycling is being taken seriously as a mode of transport. If the parking really is required, then when the passport office site is redeveloped the road should be shifted across to make more room for dedicated cycle infrastructure.

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  • Whinney Hill roundabout: cycle lane potential?

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    Like the roundabout at the bottom of Potters Bank, the roundabout at Whinney Hill, the approach to Durham City from the south-east, is designed for high speeds and has no provision for cyclists. The new cycle lane up Shincliffe Peth ceases when it reaches the roundabout.

    From the photograph, taken in the autumn, you can see from the leaves on the road how little of the width of the roundabout is actually required by cars and lorries. This would seem a great opportunity to try a Dutch-style urban roundabout, with a wide cycle lane all round the outside and cutting the entering traffic down to a single lane. The curves could be tightened to reduce speeds and to give pedestrians more direct crossings of the roads.

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  • Waste of road space, Potters Bank roundabout

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    This photograph shows the roundabout at Potters Bank in the snow. The absurdly-small pedestrian refuge at the foot of Potters Bank is in the foreground. You can see from the snow cover that there are vast areas of the road which are not actually required by vehicles and which only serve to increase speeds through the junction. Junctions are exactly where speeds should be reduced, not increased, as it smooths traffic flow, increases junction capacity and reduces danger.

    The approaches need to be narrowed, to ensure that only one car at a time can enter the roundabout from each direction, making it safer for vulnerable road users. The pedestrian refuges need increasing in size. More radically, the whole roundabout could be removed: this is only a T-junction after all, with the space saved being dedicated to segregated cycle lanes stretching from Prebends Bridge up Potters Bank and along Quarryheads Lane to the university.

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