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  • York Square consultation, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets

    Created by julieplichon // 1 thread

    The London Borough of Tower Hamlets council are proposing changes in the area surrounding York Square that aim to reduce cars cutting through local streets, making them safer, quieter and more pleasant for residents.


    Proposals include changes to roads and junctions around York Square and just north of Salmon Lane, with the aim of reducing through-traffic on local streets and making crossing easier for pedestrians. In addition, pavement widening is being proposed on Aston Street to improve the environment around Cayley Primary School.


    Please visit the website to find out more information on these proposals and fill out an online survey by midnight on Sunday 19 July 2020. Keep an eye on the website for updates on the project.

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  • Junction Road rat-run should be filtered cell

    Created by Space Pootler // 1 thread

    Junction Road is used as a rat-run by motorists between the A4 and Little Ealing Lane/Northfields Avenue. The problem is especially acute around Whitestile Road and Enfield Road (which is too narrow to accomodate this traffic).

    This traffic should rightly be sent onto the B roads surrounding the area, and the neighbourhood preserved for the access of its residents.

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