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  • New cycle racks at cambridge station

    Created by Colin Rosenstiel // 1 thread

    Apart from the miserable remote location, has anyone else been having issues with the new exclusively double stack cycle parking?

    1. My bike, a pretty normal size town bike, won't fit on the lower level because the basket won't fit under the beam mounting the upper level of the rack
    2. Twice my bike has fallen out when removing it from the upper level. The wheel, also a standard size, isn't held firmly enough in the sliding rack when unlocked. The frist time it fell on me, causing minor injuries
    3. The level of maintenance is abysmal, with obvious work required being left undone for weeks. The first instance of my bike falling out was a rack that wouldn't slide in so I was removing my bike to put elsewhere. Another time the bolts hoding a rack in had come off so the frame was loose and unusable. There are two frames on the side by the back of the racks which need refixing and have done as long as the racks have been where they now are
    4. Why has the roadway got those obstructive plastic barriers all the way along, making access to the cycle parking very awkward? Such barriers are not placed between carriageway and pavements elsewhere

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  • Racks too close to wall

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    These racks are too close to the wall so you can't actually lean a bicycle against them in a stable way.

    Also why only so few in such a central and busy location?

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  • Cycle racks: Palace Green

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    There is no obvious public cycle parking on Palace Green, the key tourist destination in Durham. While there is some cycle parking, it is well hidden and un-signposted. Some racks along between the trees at the Castle end of Palace Green would be ideal.

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