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  • Quietway 5 - Pathfield Road Scheme

    Created by Simon Still // 1 thread

    Quietway 5 is a cycle route linking Waterloo to Norbury that passes through Lambeth North, Vauxhall and Clapham. Following the delivery of the one way closure on Estreham Road we are working on a scheme to address the issues in Pathfield Road.

    The Options Considered

    The top three solutions mentioned at the event that have been assessed were;

    Relocating or removing the existing point closure in Estreham Road
    A residents parking scheme
    Introduction of traffic restrictions to reduce traffic volumes
    Relocating the existing barrier on Estreham Road was considered, however, this would simply redistribute the traffic on to more local roads and not necessarily address the issue of rat-running traffic, speeding and increased parking on Pathfield Road. Also, the scheme to retain the point closure at Estreham Road received majority support from the wider community after the trial period in 2016.

    Options around parking controls in the area are being coordinated by the CPZ team. They are analysing the feedback from the Streatham parking attitudinal survey carried out at beginning of 2018 and will be providing feedback in the coming months.

    Given the above, the council's view is that the introduction of traffic restrictions to reduce the amount of traffic on Pathfield Road is the best option to address the issues raised at the meeting. We are also proposing speed humps to reduce general traffic speeds. The main proposals are detailed in the plan below.

    The Proposals

    You can view the proposals at the link below. The main changes proposed are;

    No-entry except cycles from Estreham Road to Pathfield Road, to prevent the majority of rat-running traffic from using Pathfield Road
    New sinusoidal humps installed along Pathfield Road to reduce general traffic speeds.
    No-entry except cycles from Greyhound Lane to Rotherhill Avenue, to prevent any rat running traffic that might use this route
    Junction improvements, with new greening/tree planting at Pathfield Road/Estreham Road. This proposal will require the loss of 1 informal parking space.

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  • Haselbury Neighbourhood Statutory Consultation

    Created by Clare Rogers // 17 threads

    Enfield Council through Cycle Enfield are seeking views from the public on a number of ideas for the area shown in the map. In their words:

    "We have a number of ideas that will not only help more people to walk and cycle but will also enhance community spaces, making Haselbury Neighbourhood a better place to live. Help shape our designs before we carry out a consultation later in the year. You have until Sunday 1 July to share your views."

    ***Note that there are separate threads below for each of the 13 drawings***


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  • Quiet streets -Cleckheaton

    Created by User 2125 (deleted) // 0 threads

    A rat run was restricted to traffic by being blocked with kerb islands created which go across the entire road width. At one point where Pyenot Hall Lane meets Manor Park Way a set of plastic wands, lockable, are used to stop traffic which allow for bikes to go through.

    Across the main block cycling is not possible due to the height of the kerb used.
    It is possible to go round the island on one side but this is not a shared access pavement and the dropped kerb is meant for pushchairs.
    The road is not signed for cycle use and although this would make a good access point for the Greenway that too is not highlighted.
    Raised as an issue in planning - when reducing the rat run KMBC should have considered allowing cyclists through with clear consent.

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  • Wick Lane Quietway route consultation

    Created by Owen Pearson // 1 thread

    Wick Lane Quietway cycle route from Greenway to Quietway 6

    Transport for London (TfL) is proposing to improve provision for cyclists along Wick Lane from Jodrell Road/Cadogan Terrace to the Greenway and has asked the council to help to deliver the scheme in this area as part of the Quietway cycle network.

    Scheme drawings:
    Overall Quietway 6 route:

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  • East Acton to Kensington Quietway

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Hammersmith & Fulham say:

    The first of our new quietway routes starts in the north of the borough at the boundary with Kensington and Chelsea in Mitre Way, it then enters the southern edge of Wormwood scrubs and heads towards East Acton tube station before finishing at the A40 westway cycle crossover. The full quietway route starts at St Mark's Road in Kensington and Chelsea and finishes at East Acton.
    The quietway will run along the southern edge of Wormwood scrubs including a new shared access track into the scrubs which will improve the access into the scrubs and create a short link to the existing track alongside the athletics stadium, and to Hammersmith Hospital.

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  • Thames Path Quietway - Pensinsula Ward Proposals

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Royal Borough of Greenwich are working with its partners Transport for London (TfL) and Sustrans to develop proposals for new ‘Quietway’ routes, to enhance facilities for people cycling or walking, whilst minimising impacts on other road users. This set of schemes would implement improvements along the cross-Peninsula section of the ‘Thames Path Quietway’ in Peninsula Ward. Further proposals for sections of this route in other Wards will be brought forward for consultation in due course.

    What is being proposed?
    For this set of proposals, we are consulting on the following schemes in the Peninsula ward:
    (a) Old Woolwich Road, junction with Lassell Street (scheme ref: QTP3b)
    A more people-friendly junction has been designed to benefit pedestrians and cyclists. This includes kerb build-outs to tighten the junction, particularly on the north side of Old
    Woolwich Road at its junction with Lassell Street, to improve the crossing point for
    pedestrians and slow vehicle speeds. One car parking space will be lost as a result.
    (b) Gibson Street, junction with Banning Street (scheme ref: QTP3c)
    New kerb build-outs are proposed at the junction of Gibson Street with Banning Street,
    which will move the ‘give way’ markings forward and so improve sight lines for cyclists
    turning right out of Gibson Street. In addition a ‘cycle hangar’ secure cycle parking facility is proposed for the wide footway space on the south-western side of this junction (corner of Enderby Street and Banning Street). No car parking spaces will be lost as a result of the proposals.
    (c) Southern Park (adjacent to Ecology Park; scheme ref: QTP8)
    An existing, well-lit, hard standing path borders the southern and eastern perimeter of the Southern Park (adjacent to the Ecology Park), linking West Parkside with the riverside path at Greenwich Yacht Club. No changes are proposed to this path itself; however it is proposed to clearly sign this section only as ‘shared use’ for cyclists and pedestrians. At the existing Toucan crossing at the junction with West Parkside/ Southern Way, extra space will be created by removal of a small section of wooden fencing, and relocation of a small tree.
    (d) Riverside, junction with Lombard Wall (scheme ref: QTP9a)
    Priority will be given to the Thames Path route, providing extra safety and security for
    pedestrians and cyclists. A raised table at the junction of Lombard Wall as it meets Riverside will slow any vehicular traffic. The western side footway will be improved for pedestrians. No car parking spaces will be lost from the proposals.
    (e) Riverside, junction with Anchor and Hope Lane (scheme ref: QTP9b)
    Priority will be given to the Thames Path route, providing extra safety and security for
    pedestrians and cyclists. The cycleway will be realigned to better connect with Riverside,
    and the junction will be resurfaced in green to provide increased awareness of cyclists. No car parking spaces will be lost from the proposals.

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  • How to design cycle routes crossing main roads with a dog-leg

    Created by User 609 (deleted) // 1 thread

    It is likely a cycle route will run south from Packington St. I was just thinking how it could be continued north/west crossing Essex Rd, down Gaskin St, crossing Upper St and into Theberton St. At the moment, the main roads get quite busy and present a barrier to cycling.

    Assuming Gaskin St can be made two way, I was wandering what the best design would be to make the links on Essex Rd and Upper St safest for cyclists (bearing in mind this would ideally be a quiet route).

    Are there best practice examples of similar situations elsewhere?



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