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  • Healthy Hospitals need to consider Cyclists

    Created by James Avery // 1 thread

    The UHCW NHS Trust has applied for planning permission for a new access roads and multistorey car parks, under a plan drawn up by leading global engineering firm Arup.

    Please ask them to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better.

    The planning application details are here:

    Please state that you OBJECT to the current proposals as they don't give any consideration to encouraging more cycling (or walking).

    The trust are open to discussion via twitter (@NHSUHCW), but the council need to be asked to bring this matter to the committee (currently it is just classed as deferred, which means officers decide themselves).

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  • Fenland Cycling Program with Public Health

    Martin Lucas-Smith // 2 threads

    [Moved from another unrelated issue]

    Michael Cahn writes:

    "During the meeting with Public Health earlier this month, there was interest from officials when we raised the idea of a bike program in their Fenland focus area. I have now received a list of postcodes (PE13, PE15, PE16, PE7) and intend to see if we happen to have any members there, who could become the natural seed pod for a bicycle intervention program in their area, or advise on specific opportunities there."

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