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  • Meadrow Improvements

    Created by Ian taylor // 1 thread

    With the resurfacing on Meadrow there is an opportunity change the cycle track markings. The cycle track from Peasmarsh to Farncombe Kings Road Junction is dangerous in a few places, including

    1) Double pedestrian refugees near the garage at the Farncombe end - currently the cycle track continues through this area making it look as though there is space for a cyclists and a vehicle which there is not (I personally have been through there and an overtaking car has hit the second refuge within there wheel dislodging there hub cap that then went dangerously in front of my path). Here the cycle track needs removing some distance before the first refuge and return after the second refuge with no markings in-between

    2) Catteshall Road Junction - here the cycle track keeps cyclists too close to the kerbside where they are not seen by vehicle coming out of Catteshall Road and makes the right turn into Kings Road harder for cyclists. Here the cycle path should finish some distance short of the junction and not restart till after the junction.

    Other improvements would include

    1) Making the whole stretch from the corner before the first refuge 30 MPH
    2) Remove the centre line.
    3) Continue new offroad road on on existing wide footway to Cattershall Road Junction.
    4) Further improvements to the Kings Road/Meadrow/Catteshall Road junctions

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  • Crossing Cove Road

    Created by Sarah Wood // 0 threads

    At certain times of day it is difficult to cross the road and connect the cycle and pedestrian routes between Southwood and the Cove Brook Greenway

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  • Southern end of Foundation Street should stay closed

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    During the refurbishment of St Mary at the Quay this section of road has been closed. The sky has not fallen on us and neither has traffic ground to ( any more ) of a standstill. In my opinion it should stay closed to MVs and just be segregated for bikes and peds.

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  • Craneford Way - Pedestrian and Cycle Access

    Created by timlennon // 1 thread

    Note from correspondent:
    At the moment there is an agreement for non-vehicle access in and out and vehicular egress for the Canons leisure club members via a controlled barrier with responsibility in the hands of The Harlequins Management. This is regularly abused by unauthorised traffic. I want to investigate the feasibility of it being made pedestrian and cycling only, in advance of any building developments which might want to bring it back into full use for vehicle entry and egress, which would have a significant negative impact on the safe use by pedestrians and cyclists.

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  • Pavement frequently blocked by parked cars in Llanfoist

    Created by Fraser Stephens // 0 threads


    One mainly for the pedestrians and anyone pushing a pushchair, but also impacts toddlers and young children riding on the pavement: On the corner of The Cutting and Merthyr Road, any car longer than a small hatchback blocks the narrow strip of pavement assigned to pavement users.

    This is a key route for people coming from Abergavenny to access Llanfoist and route 46.

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  • Lemsford Road Avenue Road junction

    Created by Rona471 // 1 thread

    HertsCC proposal to create a junction speed table and zebra crossing at the junction of Avenue Road and Lemsford Road. The proposed zebra crossing will be north of the junction. The proposal is part of the Maple School Safer Routes to School project.

    This junction is on the route of the Green Ring, where it crosses the railway using the bridge from Jennings Road.

    The Avenue Road - Jennings Road link is used by many pedestrians and cyclists going to and from: St Peters Street / Carlisle Avenue (ie NCN6); Morrisons & the Alban Way (ie Green Ring); Verulam School (secondary); High School for Girls (secondary) and Maple School (primary). For cycling the route is great for avoiding Sandpit Lane.

    The desire for cycling is that the raised table will provide easier access to the link and make the junction safer for cycling.

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  • Southern Fringe Development Forum

    Created by Rohan Wilson // 2 threads

    Next meeting is Thursday 6 Dec at Trumpington Village Hall
    (Informal Drop-In 15:30 - 18:30, followed by Forum 19:00 - 20:30)

    Though the above page indicates it's about residential developments, Addenbrooke's was covered in a presentation on previous 6 Sep meeting. Bell School was not covered.
    The main discussion was around schools and young people.

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  • Morville Street pedestrian area

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    This looks like it was designed originally as a cycle path - because of the way the kerbs are placed.

    Would be a good cut-through for bicycles. Needs re-assigning as shared use, plus a dropped kerb at the Gilby Road junction.

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  • Parker Street pedestrian area

    Created by Chris Lowe // 0 threads

    This is signed 'no cycling'. It is a nice route to access the shops on the junction of Hagley Road / Monument Road, as it has very low traffic.

    Needs to have cycling permitted, plus dropped kerbs at the north end for access.

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