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  • NCN Route 72

    Created by Rob1968 // 0 threads

    As you approach the end of this particular stretch of NCN 72 past the Egger factory, you suddenly emerge onto a very busy road. This is one of the major arterial routes in and out of Hexam as it leads to and from the A69 bypass, one of the major transpennine links. It is not suitable for adults to ride on never mind young children.( I have a son aged 10)

    The route leads across the main road bridge into Hexham, swings around a small roundabout by the Tyne Green park, and then brings you directly onto another roundabout by Tesco and the Wentworth Leisure Centre. It is as though cyclists have been designed out of the picture on this one. Its a shame as my son would use this route to school if it were safe.

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  • No easy access to Castle street from Taw Vale

    Created by litwardle // 0 threads

    The most frustrating part of the journey is when I get to the square. To get to Castle Street you either have to cycle under the bridge. This underpass is far to narrow and has blind entry..It makes a heart racing cycle when someone comes in the opposite direction narrowly avoiding collision! The surface is also very slippery in the wet. The only way to avoid this is by continuing to the T junction at the square and turning left... Ooops No left turn!! Of course, even if you could there is no way to get to castle street without going over the bridge and doubling back! Any improvement here would make a huge difference!

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  • Cemetery Lane layout creates conflict

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    To carry on towards Colchester Road or bear right into Belvedere Road is OK but if you are approaching the junction from Belvedere Road and wish to turn into Cemetery Lane northbound you must come right up to a blind corner and make a sharp turn into a narrow kerb edged cycle facility. This is quite a dangerous manouevre to carry out. It would have been better to have a lane entering the wide oad marked with stop lines and no-entry as it is further back from the blind turn. In fact some people may be tempted to do this, but it is both dangerous and illegal. Both the danger and the temptation to carry out an illegal manouevre could have been excluded at the design stage.

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  • Coronation Road Cycle Path

    Created by Keeno // 1 thread

    Someone wrote and complained in The Pigeon magazine, saying "why do cyclists not use the cyclepath on Coronation road and hold up traffic?"

    Good question. Because some people don't know it's there and the road is a smoother surface.
    It needs clear delineation, a smooth surface, and if the railings aren't to be moved, large "SHARED SPACES" marked around the tree bottlenecks (chevrons on pavement) so people know what's what.

    You wouldn't really know to look at it, that it's a cyclepath, with loats of signs stickered over.

    Ideally the Railing will be moved back to make it wider and so the large trees aren't a problem, but if money's tight, smooth surface and clear markings on the floor will do.

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  • High st cycle access

    Created by Gerhard Weiss // 1 thread

    Walthamstow High Street has a busy market, which makes it near impossible to cycle. Outside market times it has 'no vehicles allowed' signs. Even in the middle of the night it is illegal to cycle trough he spooky quiet High Street.
    There is virtually no cycle parking along the High street, only at the nodes. Provision is particularly poor in the middle by the Sainsbury supermarket.

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