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  • Link Annan Road and Lockerbie Road

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    This is a well used route already but very muddy as there is no surfaced footpath across the playing field. A dropped kerb at the end of Noble Grove and a surfaced path around the football pitches to a dropped kerb on Parkhead Loaning would be a significant improvement. A type 1 and dust path as detailed in the attached link would perhaps be more suitable than a fully tarmacked path. Lighting at the points of entry to the grassed area would be an added benefit as this is currently a very dark route.

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  • Proposed Georgetown link path

    Created by Rhian // 1 thread

    The roundabout on Georgetown Road by Spar is difficult to negotiate for cyclists (and pedestrians). The suggested link bypasses this and provides easy access from a large area of housing on to the shared use paths in to town from Calside Road. This link is currently a narrow footpath with a 90 degree corner. By widening and realigning it could become a shared use path to easily link the people to the paths.

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