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  • Bollards on Bradgers Hill cycle path

    Created by Alan T // 0 threads

    The spacing of the double bollards on the hill is too tight and they make if difficult for recumbents cycles and trikes to navigate the hill. Another issue this winter has been the amount of mud on the road. It is now getting very dangerous due to lack of grip in the wet combined with the narrow gaps in the bollards.

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  • Narrow muddy patch by River Wear

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    This stretch of footpath / cyclepath by the foot of Maiden Castle hill-fort is narrow and tends to be very muddy. It's an extremely difficult site as the river banks had to be reinforced here recently. Whether any improvement is possible is hard to assess. In the meantime, it offers the full off-road biking experience on your way to work, should you so wish! There is a case for creating a through route on the other side of the river to avoid this stretch. See

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