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  • London Fields traffic reduction

    Created by Harry Fletcher-Wood // 1 thread

    Hackney Council are consulting on further traffic reduction measures in the London Fields area. These include:
    - a school street outside London Fields Primary School
    - a bus gate on Lansdowne Drive (restricting access to buses and cycles only)
    - a banned left turn from Mare Street onto Richmond Road.

    Please let me have your thoughts by Saturday, 6th January, 2018, so I can draft a response accordingly.

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  • Queensbridge Road - Middleton Road Area - Environmental Improvements

    Natalie G // 1 thread

    The proposals include:

    Installing new traffic signals with full crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists on all sides of the junction. The facilities will include pedestrian countdowns, convex cycle safety mirrors, cyclist waiting areas (ASLs) and low level cycle signals with ‘early release’ facilities for cyclists. In addition, the signals will have a full pedestrian phase where pedestrians get to cross the junction in all directions in one phase. The junction will be resurfaced with suitable surfacing materials to remove slipperiness.

    Installing extended pavements outside Queensbridge Primary School to create a quiet space with sustainable urban drainage systems, trees and greenery. The extended pavements will help reduce traffic speeds while the trees and shrubbery will help create a barrier to emissions and improve the air quality outside the school.

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