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  • Hounslow Opportunity Areas

    Created by Hounslow Cycling Campaign // 1 thread

    The London Borough of Hounslow is consulting on the Local Plan Reviews for the Great West Corridor and West of Borough opportunity areas.  The Local Plans set out planning guidelines for major developments in the respective areas.  Each Plan includes a section on "Connecting People and Places" that covers transport aspects of developments.

    Steve Curran, the Leader of Hounslow Council, refers to the negative impacts of major roads crossing the Great West Corridor area in his foreword.  "Attractive alternatives to the private car" described in pp74-83 of the consultation document include improved walking and cycling infrastructure.  Proposals for two new rail links will be rather more expensive.

    Councillor Curran expresses concern about the environmental impact of a Third Runway at Heathrow Airport on the West of Borough area but also points out the regeneration opportunities.  "Attractive alternatives to the private car" described in pp78-85 of the consultation document include improved cycling and walking infrastructure. 

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  • Merton Local Plan 2020 Consultation

    Created by Merton Cycling Campaign (MCC) // 2 threads

    Merton Council are consulting on their new Local Plan 2020, which will be used as the basis for planning decisions in the future. Planning decisions are one of the ways in which cycling policies are put into practice, so it's really important that the Local Plan incorporates strong commitments to cycling and active transport.

    Merton Cycle Campaign will use the comments and discussion here to incorporate into our response to the Merton Consultation which closes 6 January; however to give us time to incorporate your comments please submit them here by noon on Sunday 30 December.

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  • Westminster City Plan 2019-2040

    Created by Dominic Fee // 1 thread

    Westminster City Council is consulting on its City Plan for the period 2019-2040. This is the Council's local plan, which sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built where.

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  • Ealing Cycling Plan

    Created by Simon Munk // 1 thread

    Ealing Council says:

    "The council’s cycling plan for 2018-21 is part of the overall transport strategy, which is a suite of plans aiming to make Ealing a better, healthier place to live, with the smallest environmental footprint possible. The cycling plan 2018-21 will replace the previous cycling strategy 2010-16.
    We are seeking your views on the proposed vision for cycling in the borough, as well as how the main objectives and policies included in the plan will contribute to the achievement of that vision."

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  • Kingston's "Direction of Travel" Consultation

    Created by Jon Fray // 1 thread

    Kingston Council is consulting on its "Direction of Travel" document. The document "...provides supplementary planning advice to the London Plan policies to support the development and intensification of areas within the borough to provide new homes, jobs and investment".

    It "forms part of the work undertaken by the Mayor and Kingston Council in identifying and assessing opportunities for growth in the borough for the new Local Plan and Opportunity Area Planning Framework".

    The issue is raised here so that Kingston Cycling Campaign can respond to the 'Direction of Travel' document.

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