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  • Duke of Wellington junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The junction by the Duke of Wellington has a number of issues. The only official cycling provision is the shared-use pavement on the east side of the A167, with a toucan crossing over Potters Bank. No provision has been made for cyclists to safely leave or join this path at the junction: it is as though no-one is expected to cycle on Potters Bank or Lowes Barn Bank, but in fact these roads are also well-used by cyclists.

    The photograph shows the sign at the south-east corner of the crossroads, with the cycle-route pointing you to Consett and Bishop Auckland. The sign points you to the toucan crossing in order to continue north up the A167, past Neville's Cross junction to join NCN 70 at Tollhouse Road. Of course, a cyclist with local knowledge going to Bishop Auckland would never choose to go this way: instead you would go west, down Lowes Barn Bank, to join NCN 70 at the Broompark picnic area off Broom Lane. This cuts about a mile from the journey, as well as several awkward road crossings. The sign just doesn't take account of the road and cycle-path network!

    Another issue is the timing of the traffic light phases when coming out of Lowes Barn Bank. This has been reported to the Council via FixMyStreet:

    If you observe the lights from the pavement, it is quite clear that cyclists are given insufficient time from the Lowes Barn Bank lights changing to red before the lights on the A167 go green.

    One possible solution here would be a Dutch-style "green phase" where pedestrian crossings all go green and additional cycle-only lights on all approach roads go green as well. This would allow cyclists to turn safely, join and leave the shared-use paths, etc., without suffering conflicting movements from cars. Pedestrians would be able to cross diagonally in one go if needed. Reducing the speed limit on the A167 would also help: the pavements alongside the A167 are used by children going to local schools and the park.

    The junction itself could do with the corners tightening to reduce the design speed of the junction and make it safer for vulnerable road users. Other options include making Lowes Barn Bank a non-through-road for motor vehicles or banning lorries from using it. This would allow the stop line to be brought much closer to the junction. The satellite view of the junction is quite illuminating: see how much road space is devoted to making this junction fast:

    The A167 is one lane in each direction in the sections to the north and south of the junction, but widens to three lanes south approaching the lights, and three lanes north. The need to have high-speed throughput of vehicles at the junction must be balanced against the safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists who are most vulnerable at major junctions like this.

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  • Hazardous junction: Potters Bank and Elvet Hill Road

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 1 thread

    There is very poor visibility travelling west to east on Potters Bank and cars often exceed the 30mph speed limit because there is relatively little housing development on this road. If you want to turn right into Elvet Hill Road it is hard to see vehicles travelling up Potters Bank from the roundabout until you are very close to the junction. This places cyclists in a vulnerable situation as you could easily be hit in the rear while waiting to turn right.

    If you try to turn right out of Elvet Hill Road to descend Potters Bank, it is also hard to see if anything is coming from the left. This route forms part of the proposed re-routing of NCN 70 through the centre of Durham.

    See for a Google Streetview image showing what it's like to turn right from Potters Bank into Elvet Hill Road.

    Given the broad mouth of Elvet Hill Road, there is actually quite a bit of road space available. I think it would make a lot of sense if the up-bound lane of Potters Bank were diverted to swing in to the mouth of Elvet Hill Road, to give a wider turning lane in the middle which could be used for right turns in either direction. Mind you, that still doesn’t help much with turning right out of Elvet Hill Road. Some speed cushions on the approach as you come down Potters Bank might help. Or even fixed speed cameras (which are apparently not used in County Durham at present).

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  • New Inn junction

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    The picture shows the view as a cyclist, waiting at the lights on Church Street. Considering the numbers cycling to the university it is extraordinary that the recent remodelling of the junction (2010, with further work on completion of the Palatine Centre) made no provision for cyclists.

    It is not obvious how cyclists are meant to access the shared-use paths on campus from this junction, or how to rejoin the road from the campus.

    Basic features like advanced stop lines would help, but even better would be a general "green phase", not permitted as yet in UK but under consideration by the DfT. This concept involves green lights for pedestrians and cyclists simultaneously for all directions and is very successful in the Netherlands. It's also what tends to happen, in reality, to some extent at this junction already. Couple it with cycle lanes approaching the junction from each direction instead of the wasteful dual car lanes, and this would be a big improvement.

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  • New road layout

    Created by Gregory // 0 threads

    New road layout has been finished here, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look at any plans before they started work. Despite cycling past on a weekly basis, I saw no notices.

    It's not too bad, and extra lanes mean more space. However, I think it would be good to paint an ASL (cycle box) on at the Belmont Industrial Estate Junction. This will make cyclists feel a lot safer and give them a chance to cross the junction then get into a left-hand lane so motorists/lorries can over take after the junction (not dangerously overtake while turning).

    On the industrial estate is a local church, two sports centres, the Royal Mail sorting office, and a number of small businesses. As a result, there is a lot more cycling here than there was 5 years ago. Yet there are lorries and now buses(the bus depot has moved here) causing possible space-tensions between road users.

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  • Poor visibility junction

    Created by Andrew Clegg // 2 threads

    The majority of motor traffic turns right from Union Road to head north on Radcliffe Road, and vice versa. Radcliffe Road is a home zone southwards of this junction, with associated streetscaping, and NCN 23 follows the length of Radcliffe Road.

    The main problem is when heading North, where some nice streetscaping prevents drivers having a good view of any traffic exiting the home zone. A lesser problem is when heading South, where motor vehicles often pull out in front of you (presumably because they think that everyone will be turning left).

    The most obvious quick fix would be to put a stop sign at the end of union road.

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  • Changes on Cherry Hinton Road approach to Hills Road

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    What on earth do they think they are doing here? The cycle lane alongside the new development on Cherry Hinton Road (former Tim Brinton motors) has been removed (after being closed for months) and now splits into two, one part directing cycles onto what looks like it will become an exceptionally narrow cycleway on the pavement (which ends up rejoining the road just at the lights on the far left); or diverting cycles in a weird swerve out into the road to meet the sides of the constant queue of vehicles.

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  • Bit of a squeeze - junction of Newmarket Road and Coldhams Lane

    Created by NickMcW // 1 thread

    The new layout at this junction is an improvement for pedestrians. But turning right into Newmarket Rd from Coldhams Lane, all traffic passes through a narrow constriction between traffic islands: not wide enough for a car + cycle, let alone a larger vehicle + cycle. Any other comments on this?

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  • Stonecross Junction redesign

    Created by mike1727 // 0 threads

    The Stonecross/Avenue road junction is to be redesigned. It is rounoured there may be a ban on bikes turning right from Stonecross onto Avenue road, which makes bike journeys W-E using Avenue road difficult. It would be better to redesign the junction to allow bikes through since many people will continue to ride/use the pavement as this is a desire line route.

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  • Add cycle-specific traffic lights at Victoria Bridge Road/Brougham Hayes junction

    Created by t1mmyb // 0 threads

    Cycling south from Victoria Bridge Road to Brougham Hayes either involves a multi-stage walk across the pedestrian crossings at the junction, or, more riskily, cycling across the junction between traffic light phases on the other arms of the junction.

    The exit from Victoria Bridge Road could have its own traffic light phase instead.

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  • Consultation on Cobden Junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 5 threads

    Camden Council proposes major improvements to Cobden junction – the junction of Camden High Street with Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road at its southern end.

    They propose the following measures:

    - eliminate the unnecessary northbound road on the east side of the island

    - gain extra footway space on the east side of the road (uses to include cycle parking, trees, seating)

    - widen the footway outside Mornington Crescent Station

    - safer, quicker and simpler pedestrian crossings

    - improved link for cyclists to the Mornington Crescent quiet route (from Arlington Road).

    - new ASL boxes with lead-in lanes on the approach to the junction from Eversholt Street, Crowndale Road and Hampstead Road.

    - re-site the statue of Richard Cobden and the war memorial

    Proposal for contraflow cycling on Crowndale Road:

    A few months ago, we were shown designs for a contraflow on Crowndale Road between Hampstead Road and Bayham Street with some junction changes at the latter to accommodate it. Unfortunately, this was rejected by TfL on the grounds that it would delay buses. This consultation notes that the layout has been designed to accommodate the contraflow at a future date.

    This consultation also says that in addition, alternative options for providing a west to east link are being explored at both Delancey Street / Pratt Street and Oakley Square. We need to encourage Camden to pursue these essential links. In the case of the latter, there is an urgent need to allow cyclists to make right turn right into Hampstead road from the southern end of Mornington Crescent.

    See consultation on Camden Council website:

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  • A316 car park entrance

    Created by Paul James // 0 threads

    The carpark entrance cuts across the cycleway and has shallow corner radii encouraging fast entrance and exit speeds which are a danger to cyclists using the cycleway.

    The cycleway should be curved away from the roadway at the junction and a marked crossing put in place a cars length from the roadway allowing space for entering and exiting cars to giveway to cyclists moving along the cycleway.

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  • Ambiguous Junction For Cycle Path at Clift House Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Twice in recent days I have encountered ambiguity over right of way when cycling westward from the shared foot/cycle path on Clift House Road, across an entrance road and onto the new continuation path towards Ashton Avenue Bridge. Four lanes of merging traffic are travelling eastbound and occasionally one vehicle will turn off the main road into the access road. While I might assume that having started to cross this road I have right of way over a vehicle turning into it, the road markings and the sheer size of the junction make it unclear as to what ought to happen. It might be that the left turning traffic should have to negotiate a much more obvious turning, rather than the wide sweep that allows the turn to be made at full speed.

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  • Upgrade footway on Wherestead Road over A14 to allow cycling and sign

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Improving the connectivity from Bourne Hill over the A14 to Wherestead with dropped kerbs, allowing cycling and signing as a cycle route would be a step in the process to improving cycle access south from Ipswich to various places including Jimmy's Farm (a family leisure venue, which should be cycleable to by a family with young children), Shotley Peninsula, and the land route to Harwich International ferry port for cycling to The Netherlands.

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  • Turn Dock Street entrance into continuous pavement/cycle track

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    The entrance to Dock Street should be turned into a continuous footway with pedestrian and cyclist priority over turning vehicles akin to this Danish junction:

    This would improve sight lines for pedestrians too as the dropped kerbs are away from the junction, and it would also go with the pedestrian desire line as many tend to cross closer to the junction than the dropped kerbs. It would also slow down the vehicles entering the narrow street.

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  • Awkward Junction For Cyclists in 20 mph Zone

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Busy Ashton Road (a 20 mph road from the A3029) bends eastward into the commercial area of North Street, close to a well-used park. On the bend, immediately adjacent to a park entrance, Frayne Street brings one-way traffic from the north west, and allows cycles to travel in the opposite direction towards Cumberland Basin. Coronation Road has two way traffic on the north east side.

    A recently installed calming measure has narrowed the road on the bend, as shown in the picture. The irregular shape of the road that results has made the turn into Coronation Road awkward for cyclists and, as can be seen from the lower half of the picture, some cyclists take ad hoc routes to avoid the complication. Buses and large lorries also use the route into North Street and most vehicles take the bend at about 30 mph, despite the speed restriction.

    As a route for cyclists, there could be a continuous segregated lane alongside the park (perhaps shaving a metre from the park itself, crossing Frayne Road with priority and following Coronation Road eastbound. A large number of school children use the route along the park every day but only a very few use a bicycle.

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  • Impermeable junction

    Created by James Avery // 1 thread

    Cyclists prohibited in either direction continuing on Barras Lane. Classic case of high profile £2m bridge nearby (Hill St), but no follow on for nearby streets.

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  • Dangerous junction

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Leeds-bound cycle lane stops at junction and continuing in a straight line would mean hitting pavement, so cyclist need to pull out into traffic that up until then has been safely passing them. At the same time as cyclists are pulling into the main carriageway - in the center of the junction - vehicles are pulling into the left side as the carriageway narrows on the other side of the junction. It is a regular source of near-misses and very intimidating.
    The junction needs realigning/redesigning.

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  • Moorhead Junction - Sheffield

    Created by Matt Turner // 0 threads

    Any cyclist using this cycle lane is at risk from vehicles using the narrow main carriageway as they move into the cycle lane to make it around the corner.

    This junction is newly designed and was installed in Summer 2012.

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  • TfL Consultation: Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Further safety improvements at Bow roundabout
    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling, road user and safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at junctions.

    Why We Are Consulting
    As part of this work, we have developed proposals to further improve safety at Bow roundabout.

    What we’re proposing and why

    Bow roundabout is a key junction for cyclists travelling between central and east London.

    Cycle Early Start
    A cycle early-start would operate at the traffic signals on the westbound approach to Bow roundabout.

    This would provide a dedicated green light to allow cyclists to wait ahead of other traffic before moving onto the roundabout.

    A new mandatory cycle lane on the westbound approach would allow cyclists to get to the roundabout entrance without having to filter through traffic.

    The early-start area would be 18 metres deep, so there's a clear space for cyclists in front of any traffic.

    This cycle early-start would improve safety, due to the reduced risk of conflict between cyclists travelling straight ahead and vehicles turning left. It would also provide a quick and direct route through the roundabout for cyclists.

    The eastbound early-start was completed in June 2012. Our provisional monitoring to date shows that the eastbound early-start has been effective in reducing the left turning conflict risk that it was designed to address. It also shows that the cycle lane on the approach is well-used, with significantly fewer cyclists using the footway than before. We will continue to monitor and analyse the operation of these facilities.

    Cycle Bus Stop By-Pass
    TfL is proposing to introduce a new cycle lane around the back of the bus stop on the approach to the roundabout to help cyclists get ahead of other traffic and reduce the risk of conflict between cyclists and buses pulling in and out of the bus stop.

    To accommodate the new cycle lane, the bus lay by would be filled in so buses would stop on the carriageway instead. .

    Please click here to see the map for further information on the proposals.

    We continue to explore further improvements for cyclists and pedestrians as part of planned longer-term regeneration of the Bow area.

    We intend to begin work at the roundabout in January 2013. We’ll write to residents and businesses nearer the time to advise on the timing and impact of construction work.

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  • Cobden Junction (Mornington Crescent)

    Created by George Coulouris // 1 thread

    Camden are contemplating a re-design of this junction (the one adjacent to Mornington Cresent Station). We hope to get in early and try to ensure that the junction and its surrounding streets are made as safe and pleasant for cycling as possible.
    This CycleScape issue is intended as a forum for discussion of improvements or a total redesign.

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  • TfL Consultation: Initial safety improvements at Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Transport for London (TfL) is working with interested parties - including cycling and road safety organisations - to review and improve cycling provision at major junctions across London. Please see for more information.

    Why We Are Consulting
    As part of this work we have developed proposals to improve safety at the Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout at the junctions of Waterloo Road, Stamford Street, York Road and Concert Hall Approach.

    What we’re proposing and why

    Waterloo roundabout is a key junction for cyclists travelling between central and south London. Counts show that more than 5,500 cyclists use Waterloo roundabout each weekday, representing nearly a quarter of all traffic here.

    Our review of the current road layout identified that early improvements can be made to allow cyclists better access to Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) on the roundabout, reducing the need for them to position themselves amongst fast-moving traffic. We’re proposing the following improvements:

    New cycle feeder lanes leading into new longer ASLs will reduce the risk of collisions by helping cyclists to get ahead of other traffic. The new feeder lanes will mean that some sections of the roundabout will have three lanes for all traffic instead of four

    Extending footways and traffic islands to reduce traffic speeds and provide more space for pedestrians.
    Traffic modelling suggests that these changes would cause some increase in queuing on the roundabout and approaches at busy times, particularly on the approach from Stamford Street.

    Proposed 20mph speed limit to follow in 2013

    We are also proposing a 20mph speed limit at the roundabout. This would be introduced early in 2013. We will provide more information once these proposals have been developed further.

    Please click here to see the map for further information on the proposals.

    We are continuing to explore further improvements for cyclists and pedestrians as part of planned longer-term regeneration of the Waterloo area.

    We intend to begin work at the roundabout on 21 November 2012. We will write to residents and businesses nearer the time to advise on the timing and impact of construction work.

    Have your say

    Please give us your views by completing the online consultation form by 14 November 2012.

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