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  • A47 Alliance / Upgrade

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    There is a group of councils and others (including the RAC) calling itself A47 Alliance with a website at calling for a road upgrade.

    The A47 is a significant barrier to cycling in many places, such as the single-carriageway stretch from Tilney All Saints near King's Lynn to Swaffham that blocks several desired east-west cycle routes - it is narrow with much heavy HGV traffic, so it's a challenge to cross and feels no fun for most people to ride along. It is possible that any upgrades could be "cycle-proofed" (to use current jargon) to unblock these routes.

    KLWNBUG has asked if CycleNation and CTC groups can be be invited to join the alliance.

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  • High motor traffic area of Sustrans Route 4

    Created by ambrosen // 1 thread

    Sustrans route 4 coming from the canal path on its main route into Bath city centre has a high level of traffic conflict and the need to filter between two tight lanes of traffic with a large proportion of LGVs coming down the A36 Beckford Road.

    The right turn from Sydney Place southbound into Great Pulteney Street is signposted as no right turn as well as being route 4, and has no refuge to turn from.

    It should be possible to route the path through Sydney Gardens as the Darlington Place/Sydney Place westbound/Great Pulteney Street junction has been improved to increase pedestrian flows.

    Some non-cycling residents are also concerned about cyclists using the pavement in this area too.

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