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  • Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    What is the Draft Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire?

    We have drafted a transport strategy to tackle the current and future transport pressures in and around the district, and to help support growth in East Cambridgeshire. The purpose of this strategy is to:

    Provide a detailed policy framework and Action Plan of potential transport improvements for the area, addressing current problems and consistent with the policies of the third Cambridgeshire Local Transport Plan 2011-2031 (LTP3).
    Support the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan, and take account of the committed and predicted levels of growth, detailing the transport infrastructure and services necessary to deliver this growth.

    The strategy contains details of the schemes proposed in the short and medium term as well as the longer term schemes as proposed in the Long Term Transport Strategy.

    We want the views of anyone who lives, works, visits or travels through East Cambridgeshire in order to improve this draft transport strategy. Let us know your views on the strategy objectives, policies and the action plan of proposed transport improvements for the area by answering the questionnaire before the 8th April 2016.

    View the TSEC consultation leaflet (pdf, 1MB) for a summary of the information we are consulting on and answer the questionnaire. Alternatively, hard copies of the consultation leaflet and questionnaire are available at libraries and doctors surgeries around East Cambridgeshire or by request via the contact details below.

    Come to talk to us and fill in a questionnaire at one of the public exhibitions below:

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  • Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council Draft Cycling Strategy consultation

    Created by jpennycook // 1 thread

    "Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has commissioned Sustrans, a leading UK charity that aims to encourage people to travel by foot, bicycle or public transport for more of their local journeys to help create a ‘cycling strategy’ and new cycle network map in consultation with the people who live in, work in or visit the borough."

    The strategy ignores most of the Borough, has low aims (lowest common denominator rather than facilities suitable for all riders), and is being made irrelevant by new housing developments.

    Responses to the consultation should be in by 11th December.

    Here is a map showing the Borough Council's boundaries:

    By zooming in to this map, you can see the proposed corridors as dashed blue highlights:

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  • East Ecclesfield Space for Cycling request

    Created by Dexter Johnstone // 1 thread

    Protect Loicher Lane cycle and pedestrian bridge from potential demolition to keep the Blackburn Valley Cycle Route intact. This has the potential to be an excellent traffic-free green route running all the way from Chapeltown to Meadowhall.

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  • WGC to the QE2

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    The east side of WGC is currently served only by the NCN61 route. In 2014 work was done on Heronswood road to add safety markings due to high incidences of accidents involving bikes. There are local concerns about cyclists using pavements to avoid busy local roads.

    There should as a minimum be a route from WGC station to the new QE2 hospital, ideally directly via Woodhall shops. The other routes show other useful possible links to create a cohesive network to serve this section of town.

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  • Cambridge Station Eastern Entrance

    Created by John Hall // 1 thread

    The Greater Anglia franchise is due for renewal in October 2016 and the process has already started. It is quite unsusal to have a station serving such a large number of passengers with access on only one side o the tracks. This situation leads to many more and longer car journeys along Mill Road, Cherry Hinton Road and Hills Road.

    There is an existing access via (non-residential) Clifton Road to the east side of the station and there is vacant land. We need to argue the case for an eastern entrance to the station, along with cycle parking and pedestrian access. There is a mainly empty car park on the other side of the tracks. We should also try to include a link from the Carter bridge to the new cycle park.

    Interested parties
    3 shortlisted franchises
    local MPs
    Minister responsible (Clare Perry MP)

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  • Possible location for a cycle bridge as part of the HS2 / SS2 North- South cycle route

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 0 threads

    The DfT have contracted consultants to come up with a concept for a north south cycle route broadly following the alignment of the HS2 railway line, but linking up key points of interest and centres of population along the way. For the section from East Midlands Airport to the new station at Toton, a key issue is where the cycle route should cross the Trent. There is a compromise to be made between the shortest route from EMA-Toton and locating the bridge where it would serve the largest population. A more Eastern bridge would serve large population centres in Beeston & Clifton, whereas a more western bridge would be a more direct route. A possible compromise would be to locate the bridge near the existing rail bridges at Trent Junction near Trent Lock.

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