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  • Tins railway bridge fencing

    Created by David Earl // 1 thread

    The chain-link fencing on the south side of the path on the west ramp off the Tins rail bridge is badly bowed out into the path. This is at face level and could take someone's eye out: it is dangerous.

    There was already a report on county HIghways for this, which was dismissed as "landowner responsibility", which may be network rail or may be the chalk pits land. There was no indication in the closed issue whether they had actually informed the landowner, so I reported it again today.

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  • Dangerous Snakey Path trail

    Created by DB // 1 thread

    I am cycling on the snakey trail every day, and there is a high risk that somebody falls into the Cherry Hinton Brook one day. The path and bridge is really too narrow and many people are taking it both ways. 

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  • Coldhams Lane

    Created by Paula Downes // 4 threads

    The road is unloved, has very few trees, has a lot of traffic, moving fast or jammed. Air quality is poor. Cyclists cycle along the pavement very fast which is dangerous for pedestrians. The cycle lanes on the road are not safe. It is difficult for cyclists to cross the road since there are not enough crossings. A lot of people park near Coldhams Common on Saturdays. Many people have created driveways to avoid people parking in front of their houses in the parking bays. Crossing the little roads (Brampton, Vinery Road, Vinery Way) is difficult because the cars block the path as they wait to get onto Coldhams Lane and greenery prevents pedestrians from going behind those cars.

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  • Trumpington / Chaucer Road Junction

    Created by Robert Sansom // 1 thread

    Proposed new signallng for Trumpington Road / Chaucer Road junction.

    Issues with this:

    1. There is no details as to whether there are toucan crossing signals for the shared use path across the Chaucer Road Arm.

    2. It does not improve safety for city-bound cyclists/pedestrians who still have to avoid vehicles turning left into Chaucer Road.

    2. There remains a major problem with the on road cycle lane on the outbound side where the rear ends of large vehicles, especially coaches and busses, enter into the cycle lane as the vehicles make the slight right turn after the existing island.

    Work is meant to be starting 14th January! Can I write a letter on behalf of the cycling campaign pointing out these issues?

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  • Augmented barrier between Clifton Backies & Herdwick Close/Water End

    Anon // 1 thread

    This could well be the worst barrier on a marked cycle path that I've seen in York. An existing barrier has been augmented with a wooden fence, forcing cyclists to dismount and push their bike through a constrained space, right into another fence! Getting a conventional bike through unscathed is a challenge for an able-bodied person - getting an unconventional bike or trailer through, or trying to get a bike through as a disabled person, is surely impossible.

    On a marked and signed cycle path.


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  • Woods Ave Hatfield: Extension to cycle path

    Created by Adam Edwards // 1 thread

    Hertfordshire County Council have now completed a new cycle route along side the north side of Woods Ave, Hatfield, linking the current route from the town centre to the University Halls of Residence on Bishops Rise. Funding is from Section 106 money from the rebuilding of the Halls.

    In the longer term the aim is to extend this route south to Hill Top and then South Way and north along Bishops Rise to Cavendish Way and the Galleria, so as to provide a direct cycle route from the De Havilliland Campus to the Halls and for local people in South Hatfield to cycle to employers in the business park.

    Works were completed in May 2018. Photos are on the WelHatCycling site via the link below.

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  • Cars parked outside Bodrum takeaway on cycle path & double yellow lines

    Anon // 1 thread

    Cars, which appear to be delivery vehicles, are near-permanently parked outside the Bodrum takeaway on Bootham in the evenings, despite the fact that they are doing so on double yellow lines, on an advisory cycle path, and close to other junctions. This forces cyclists to swerve around these cars, and much closer to incoming traffic in the other lane on Bootham.

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  • New Cycle Path over Scarborough Bridge

    Anon // 1 thread

    This is the planning application for the much-touted overhaul of Scarborough Bridge, which should see step-free access to the bridge on either side and the walkway doubled in width to allow cyclists to cycle across. Obviously that's great news from a cycling perspective but I still think we should read it through and contribute our thoughts as a Campaign, whatever those thoughts are. So if you could read it through and share your thoughts by January 18 so we can compile a formal response in time for the deadline of January 19, that'd be great :-)

    Replace 1.8m footpath/cyclepath with 3.6m wide footpath/cyclepath with associated alterations to bridge abutments, ramps and stair access arrangements

    Cycle And Footpath - Scarborough Bridge To Platform One Car Park York Station Tanners Moat York


    Application reference : 17/03049/FUL

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  • Old Dalkeith Road/Melville Gate Road

    Created by FrenchyF // 1 thread

    Melville Gate Road is the most sensible route between the A772/Dobbie's cycle paths and the Sheriffhall-Dalkeith cycle path, but lacks cycling infrastructure. It is wide enough to have a segregated cycle route, or at least a shared use pavement.

    Nearby, there are a couple of blind junctions, which are dangerous for cyclists. One is for northbound cyclists on Old Dalkeith Road, trying to cross Lugton Brae; it is impossible to see if traffic is approaching on Lugton Brae. The other is for cyclists turning going from the King's Gate to Melville Gate Road. It is difficult to see in both directions.

    The Lugton Brae junction would be greatly improved by placing a convex mirror on
    the wall on the north side of Lugton Brae, so that pedestrians and cyclists can check if traffic is approaching on Lugton Brae.

    The King's Gate junction would also benefit from mirrors placed in the right locations, but really needs a controlled crossing.

    Alternatively, a shared use pavement/segregated cycle path on the southern side of Old Dalkeith Road would solve a lot of these problems too.

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  • Cycle route maintenance

    Created by Monica Frisch // 8 threads

    Cycle routes and cycle paths need maintenance. This issue is somewhere to raise matters relating to standards of path maintenance, problems of poor maintenance, and examples of good maintenance.

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  • Ranelagh Drive - Isleworth Prom Blocked Crossover

    Created by Paul L // 1 thread

    In order to get from Ranelagh Drive to the shared use Isleworth Prom you need to cross the footway. A dropped kerb has been provided but this is unmarked and is usually obstructed by parked vehicles. At a similar location in LB Hounslow the crossover is marked by bollards in the road encouraging motorists to leave a gap here and the same procedure could and should be used.

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  • Proposed extra pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park.

    Created by Richard Taylor // 1 thread

    Proposal for three new pedestrian and cycle access points to Cambridge Business Park. The proposals are being made in light of the plans for an new station nearby.

    Representations from companies with premises on the business park - Redgate and Autonomy - have expressed concerns about security and the potential for people to try and park on the business park and then get on a train.

    The proposals are for the new accesses to be gated to restrict general public access.

    The proposals include a connection to the potential cycleway along the line of the disused railway.

    Cambridge Business Park Cowley Road Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB4 0WZ

    Application reference: 15/0919/FUL

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  • Poor Cycle Path and Pavement Surfacing

    Created by Bracken VanRyssen // 1 thread

    The pavement and marked cycle path is in pretty bad shape due to root damage and weathering and could really do with some resurfacing. As well as this the numerous side roads and the narrow pavement sections beyond the bus stop create numerous conflict points.

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  • Fleet-Farnborough Cycle Link

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 1 thread

    Proposed off-road cycle path following the A323, Norris Hill Road, to link Fleet with the existing cycle-path from Norris Bridge towards the centre of Farnborough.
    It would enable cyclists to avoid Norris Hill Road, an unlit road with speed limit of 60 mph. Once built it would be possible to cycle from Fleet to Farnborough without cycling on roads.
    This is in the Fleet Town Access Plan ref. PC9

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  • Hospital roundabout, King's Lynn

    Created by Rob Archer // 2 threads

    Letter written to NCC today, 08/01/2014. Says it all!

    I visited the roundabout today for the first time since completion en route to Gayton. Whilst it appears to have been constructed to high standard I have to say my fears have been confirmed as to it's usability and safety. I should like to make the following points:

    Eastbound, I used the carriageway. The road was relatively quiet at about 13:00 but traffic speeds seem higher than before and I had a car overtake me then cut left across my path. As an experienced cyclist I anticipated this but a less experienced rider may well have been hit. I accept that whilst this is case of poor driving such a multi-lane road layout encourages this kind of behaviour. To access the new cycle path from the cycle path along the north side of Gayton Road (or from the hospital) would involve crossing all four lanes just beyond the mini roundabout and would be exceptionally dangerous.
    On my return, about an hour later I used the cycle path. It was easy to access from the B1145 but crossing the bypass was very difficult. Drivers leaving the B1145 and travelling south are looking to their right for a gap in the traffic and not looking to the left for a cyclist crossing the road and several drivers appeared confused by the new lane markings and carried on straight ahead onto the bypass whilst indicating to turn left! Crossing the three northbound lanes took 4 minutes 28 seconds at a relatively quiet time of day. The crossing will be impossible to use at peak times without wriggling between stationary vehicles - extremely hazardous with HGVs.

    In my opinion the roundabout is extremely dangerous for cyclists. I would have expected that the Stage 3 Safety Audit would have picked up on these issues. Could you please send me a copy (electronic preferably)?

    I would like to make the following recommendations to be applied immediately if serious injury or death of a cyclist is to be avoided:

    The speed on all approaches to the roundabout should be reduced to 30mph. At the moment it is 60mph which is totally inappropriate for such a sensitive location. (As this will require a modification to the TRO I suggest that temporary speed limits be implemented in the meantime)
    'Cyclists ahead' warning signs (950) be installed on all approaches.
    'Cycle' markings painted on the appropriate carriageway to direct eastbound cyclists to use the roundabout. (We are strongly advising potential users NOT to use the cycle path in this direction because of the difficulty getting onto the eastbound carriageway of the B1145).
    The point at which the path joins the B1145 should be reconsidered. We repeat our call for the path to be extended to the crematorium as soon as possible. In the meantime, extension to a point where a central refuge can be installed is essential.
    In the medium term a toucan crossing should be installed here to cyclists to cross at busy times.
    It also urgently needs sweeping and a maintenance schedule implemented as it was covered in debris presumably thrown up by passing vehicles.

    I'm afraid I cannot overstate the hazardous nature of the roundabout and, in particular the new cycle path. This route is already being used by schoolchildren and their safety must take precedence over 'keeping the traffic moving'.

    Can you let me know as soon as possible what measures will be implemented to improve cyclists' safety. If it would help I would be happy to meet you on-site.

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  • Narrow cycle route section with kerb

    Created by Matthew Phillips // 0 threads

    This section of NCN 70 from Claypath down to the side of Leazes Bowl roundabout has cyclists and pedestrians on separate halves of the path, rather than shared-use. This has the advantage that cyclists are more likely to be able to freewheel quickly down the hill without upsetting pedestrians. However, the cycle portion of the path is higher than the pedestrian side, with a kerb. As the path is not particularly wide, if you meet a cyclist coming the other way it is quite tricky to pass safely.

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  • A Hazard Rich Environment

    Created by Sam Saunders // 0 threads

    A recent Bristol Cycling Campaign ride returned to Bristol from Nailsea using the Festival Way.
    Daylight was fading & they were already using front & rear cycle lights (which would be "side on" to approaching traffic whilst crossing B3128).
    The final North Somerset stretch after Long Ashton crosses the B3128 to use the off-road route past the Dovecote.

    Concern was raised about the safety of this crossing to the central island due to:-

    traffic approaching at speed on a bend - potentially endangering "Bristol bound" cyclists
    Poor site line - "Bristol bound" cyclists view of approaching fast traffic is obstructed by both the bend & by vegetation
    low cycle capacity at the central island (for a Festival Way route potentially with significant numbers "stranded" on the island or left waiting to cross to it compounding the dangers of poor sight line).

    One of our concerned participating cyclists on that ride is the Chair of Bristol Civic Society.

    This location was previously raised in my snagging email of 12 April 2013 14:11 headed "Re: 24 April Cycle Forum reminder and item for discussion"
    " 1.1.2 NCN 33 crossing B3128
    Vehicles approaching from the SE have a "cycle crossing" sign but will tree growth soon obstruct drivers vision when approaching?
    Does the central island have enough capacity for peak numbers crossing?"

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  • Poor link between cycle path and road

    Created by DaveE // 0 threads

    The link between the cycle-path and Trent Close is missing. It is expected that cyclists should dismount, negotiate a large number of parked cars, and an un-dropped kerb to go from cycle path to road or vice-versa. This is unreasonable and I can't think of a reason not to have the cycle path join straight into the end of the road with no interruption.

    The current situation encourages cyclists to cycle along the pavement for entire length of Trent Close to reach a dropped kerb, causing unecessary delay and potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians, as the pavement isn't very wide.

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  • Ambiguous Junction For Cycle Path at Clift House Road

    Created by Sam Saunders // 1 thread

    Twice in recent days I have encountered ambiguity over right of way when cycling westward from the shared foot/cycle path on Clift House Road, across an entrance road and onto the new continuation path towards Ashton Avenue Bridge. Four lanes of merging traffic are travelling eastbound and occasionally one vehicle will turn off the main road into the access road. While I might assume that having started to cross this road I have right of way over a vehicle turning into it, the road markings and the sheer size of the junction make it unclear as to what ought to happen. It might be that the left turning traffic should have to negotiate a much more obvious turning, rather than the wide sweep that allows the turn to be made at full speed.

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