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  • 20/03742/FUL Kendal Court flats, Impington.

    Tom McKeown // 1 thread

    Demolition of existing buildings comprising Anglia House, Kendal House inc. flats above, Regency House and Marble Store to rear and 1 Cambridge Road inc. flats above; redevelopment of the site comprising 28 new-build Class C3 residential units, and associated parking, 2no. A1 use class commercial units at ground floor level, inc. 2no. commercial parking parking spaces; proposed new landscaping and public realm improvements to Cambridge Road.

    Land Comprising, Kendal Court, Anglia House, Kendal House, Regency House And 1 Cambridge Raod Cambridge Road Impington Cambridge CB24 9YS


    Application reference : 20/03742/FUL

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  • Access to Central Park from Morston Drift

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    The access to Central Park (Balls Up Park) is on the north side. The cycleway is on the south side. There is no crossing provided between them, so cyclists either have to bump kerbs if able, or ride on a footway until the next junction. Seems like an easy fix.

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  • Route between the Friars and Town Centre

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    There is a key desire line between Baxter's Plain and the Friars area and there's such an obvious route along Tower Street, Tower Place, Hillingdon Square and Birdcage Walk but it's currently very bitty. South of Millfleet is open to cycling, but has some poor surfaces. The crossing of Millfleet does nothing to enable cyclists to access Hillingdon Square and Tower Place is one-way southbound with no legal contraflow cycling. The northern end of Tower Place and Tower Street have no-cycling despite being used by delivery vans.

    With a few traffic order changes and a little work to the Millfleet crossing, this could be a very easy and popular route.

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  • Contraflow access to South Quay

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    South Quay can currently only be reached legally from King Street by a series of agility challenge actions: over the rough cobbles by the Customs House, then up onto the quay by the flood gate, then along the quay, taking care not to hit the ornamental chains, then a tight turn onto the boom.

    The more obvious route through King Staithe Square is blocked by no-entry signs by Purfleet Bridge and at the flood barrier - and that is the direction that the cycle route currently sign points!

    There are several ways this could be changed and I wouldn't mind which was done.

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  • Access to High Street

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    Cycling is currently banned in the High Street, resulting in some cycle parking being difficult to access legally and some useful routes across town (such as Union Lane to Baker Lane) being cut off.

    The ban was not enforced between roughly 2015 and 2018 because some required signs were not put back after restoration of the market places. We do not know of any significant increase in injury incidents during that time. Of course, the ban is widely flouted despite being enforceable again because it looks like a road, with a marked carriageway, and there is cycle parking provided on High Street.

    Access to the south end between SMP and Purfleet to avoid the narrow Queen Street (or worse, the A148) is probably more vital than the northern section where King Street isn't a bad alternative.

    Government policy since 1987 has been that such pedestrian areas should be pedestrian-and-cycle areas unless there's evidence of problems and provision of alternative routes. Norwich's pedestrian areas are now mostly pedestrian-and-cycle.

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  • Contraflow access to Norfolk Street

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Better access to Norfolk Street and use of it contraflow would avoid some difficult junctions, especially the near-blind right turn out of Austin Street onto JKR eastbound.

    The ban on cycling was not enforced between roughly 2015 (renovation of the Tuesday Market Place removed some required signs) and 2018.

    This was in the CIF2 bid circa 2008 but was not delivered due to budget overruns on other aspects.

    The most important section is probably between Chapel Street and Paradise Lane, to enable access to cycle parking and complete a town centre loop route.

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  • Orbital path access near Hospital

    Kate Ravilious // 1 thread

    Access to and from the orbital path (in both directions) on to Wiggington Road needs improving here. Lots of NHS staff and hospital visitors and patients use this route, and many more would if it were more accessible.

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  • Development West of Hall Lane

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    This area is proposed for development. It is of strategic interest because access will almost certainly cross National Route 1 and it would be good to have very good cycling connectivity to avoid adding unnecessary cars to the roads in this area.

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  • Planning application : 16/1942/FUL No.48 New Square 5 flats, cycle parking

    Created by Roxanne (Cycling Campaign Officer) // 1 thread

    The proposal comprises the conversion of the existing end terrace known as No.48 New Square and will comprise of 3No. self-contained flats, the demolition of the existing garage and the erection of 1No. self-contained studio-flat and the removal of 4No. Parking bays accessed via Willow Walk and the erection of 1No. self-contained flat. All with associated landscaping and access arrangements.

    48 New Square Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB1 1EZ

    " Cycle Parking
    Cycle parking has been designed in accordance with the Council’s current standards - Cycle Parking in Residential Developments (2010). The new flats are to be provided with a communal covered and secure cycle store within the building fronting Willow Walk. Access will be solely via New Square through the communal garden.
    The store will be fitted with steel Sheffield cycle stands spaced in accordance with Diagram 3 of the above guide. Access gates are to be a minimum of 1m in width where required, and fitted with mortise locks."

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