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  • Guanock Terrace Contraflow

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    This is an obvious desire line between the South Gates (for South Lynn, the Hardwick and part of the Friars) and The Walks (for the eastern part of the town centre and most places east and north of it), but it is currently one way for cycling, despite the available width being fairly good and a car driving contraflow during our survey visit! Of course, there are cyclists already using it illegally.

    Even allowing contraflow cycling to Thomas Street would then allow Robert Street to be used to connect to the South Gates, although that is a deflection off the desire line so may not be obeyed.

    Ideally, there would need to be some connection to the cycleways around the South Gates. Norfolk County Council's 2016 Cycling and Walking Action Plan claimed they had already built it, as shown on

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  • Access to Minster Quarter (Townscape Heritage Initiative)

    Created by MJR // 2 threads

    There was a Heritage Lottery Fund stage 1 project hoping to progress to stage 2 and work for 5 years from June 2014 to regenerate the "old town" around the Saturday Market Place. The initial draft contains no cycle measures but does mention cycle access policy, so may be persuaded to reinstate lost public cycle parking in places like opposite the old Post Office and might even be a way to fill in the missing link in National Cycle Network Route 1. The consultation papers are online at and open until 16 December.

    The key cycling problem in this area is the difficulty of accessing Saturday Market Place without passing through the poor junction at its east end and the lack of signs telling cyclists to use Priory Lane to reach SMP.

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  • Contraflow access to South Quay

    Created by MJR // 0 threads

    South Quay can currently only be reached legally from King Street by a series of agility challenge actions: over the rough cobbles by the Customs House, then up onto the quay by the flood gate, then along the quay, taking care not to hit the ornamental chains, then a tight turn onto the boom.

    The more obvious route through King Staithe Square is blocked by no-entry signs by Purfleet Bridge and at the flood barrier - and that is the direction that the cycle route currently sign points!

    There are several ways this could be changed and I wouldn't mind which was done.

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  • Contraflow access to Norfolk Street

    Created by MJR // 1 thread

    Better access to Norfolk Street and use of it contraflow would avoid some difficult junctions, especially the near-blind right turn out of Austin Street onto JKR eastbound.

    The ban on cycling was not enforced between roughly 2015 (renovation of the Tuesday Market Place removed some required signs) and 2018.

    This was in the CIF2 bid circa 2008 but was not delivered due to budget overruns on other aspects.

    The most important section is probably between Chapel Street and Paradise Lane, to enable access to cycle parking and complete a town centre loop route.

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  • Consultation - Two way cycling on Twilley and Furmage Streets

    Anon // 1 thread

    Wandsworth Council has opened a consultation on two-way cycling on Furmage Street and part of Twilley Street between Garratt Lane and Kimber Road in Wandsworth.  This would allow cyclists to avaoid having to make the tricky and dangerous right turn at the end of Kimber Road.   Wandsworth Cycling Campaign has been asking for this for several years.  The scheme is now being built under an Experimental Traffic order and includes physical measures using islands and armadillos to protect cyclists and direct and slow the motorists who rat-run through these small streets.  Please use this facility if it's on your route and feed back your comments to the consultation.  At the end of the experiential period in October the comments will decide whether the scheme should be made permanent or not.  Use the consultation to let them know if you appreciate it.  Let the Council and know of any problems or improvements you'd like.

    The link to the consultation which includes a plan of the changes is:

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