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  • New SE Gate Kings Buildings

    Created by Stephan Matthiesen // 0 threads

    It would be great to have a pedestrian/bicycle entrance in the South East corner of Kings Buildings. This would be of much benefit to everybody coming from the south, as you can avoid the steep, busy Mayfield Road.

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  • Missing link, West End Rd to Waterfront

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    As you can see in the photo there is a shared use path on river side of West End Rd just east of Bobby Robson bridge. But then where ? How far does it go ? It is certainly no good if you want to cross Princes Street- you cant unless you go up to the Burrel Road end of the bridge. And anyway once you get over Princes Street along Commercial Road and Grafton Way it is a narrow footpath which is not shared use.
    It would be good to connect Bobby Robson Bridge and the Waterfront.
    Directly and not by switching over to the other path and then over two toucans. Perhaps even a wide cycle crossing of the 4 lanes of Stoke St ? That would be brilliant.

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