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  • Lack of drop kerb (drop kerb was removed Feb-Mar 18)

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    Drop kerb removed from Tanners Moat-Rougier Street pavement as part of Lendal gyratory works Feb-Mar 2018. Makes movement from Tanners Moat to Rougier St pavement difficult, hazardous, unattractive, painful for people with buggies, wheeled luggage, in mobility buggies, in wheelchairs or pushing same, people on bikes and all variants including heavy electro-assist models, laden with luggage (part of NCM65 avoiding pedestrian-only Scarborough bridge), with children, with trailers, and everyone who experiences pain from lifting/bumping a bike or anything else up a kerb.

    Brings people on bikes and variants turning off Lendal bridge into Tanners Moat into conflict with those using the cycle cut-through as a dropped kerb. (The turn is already tricky.)

    Council said it didn't do counts of who uses or the type of user on Tanners Moat before removing the drop kerb.

    Undermines Government aim for most short journeys to be made on foot or on bike by 2040.

    Does not support York's ageing population.

    Undermines the tourism offer.

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