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  • TFGM Cycle Design Guide.

    Created by AndyF // 0 threads

    For comments and suggestions regarding the TFGM Cycle Design Guide new revision.
    Please put comments suggestions with Page No.

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  • Addenbrooke's bike parking

    Richard G // 2 threads

    I've had a wander around the Addenbrooke's campus again this lunchtime, counting bikes that were not in what I would call bike spaces.
    ie not in a proper bike space, attached to a proper bike support.

    so, all the ones attached to railings, trees, bike shed legs etc.

    I've added the numbers to the last few times I've done this, back in 2011 & 2007

    July 2014 Total bikes not in racks = 530
    Oct 2011 Total was 526
    Jun 2007 Total was 399
    Mar 2007 Total was 289

    I'll see if I can attach my map & numbers to this thread


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  • King's Hedges CRC

    Created by Gareth Evans // 0 threads

    This roadworks is very extensive. There are many cones. However this lorry just blocks not only the lane but the sight lines just next to St Kilda avenue

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  • Bike-bus Sundays and Bank Holidays

    Created by Clare Gibbons // 0 threads

    I propose the creation of bike/bus scheme: a bus service for Sundays and Bank holidays leaving Cambridge Rail Station, heading out through Barton Road and linking Burwash Manor, Wimpole Hall, Gamlingay Woods, Great Gransden Woods etc in a circular route. Short cycle routes to be developed around villages along the route. Cyclists can choose the length of journey they want to make and be assured of a ride home by bus if they do not wish to cycle back to Cambridge...

    A 24 cycle bike-trailer can be towed behind a 20 seater bus, providing sustainable tourism access to South Cambridgeshire and passenger transport services for settlements that do not currently have Sunday services. Please respond and state whether you would be interested in such a service.

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  • Bike Parking Shortage at Hills Rd 6th Form College

    Created by // 1 thread

    Rather than providing adequate cycle parking for their pupils this Sixth Form college is discouraging cycling and increasing the likelihood of cycle theft. The bikes that were previously attached to these railings are now left on the opposite side of the road where they are not so securely parked. See #27865 or #27866

    Although some cycle parking does seem to have been provided: #28093, #28092 it is clearly not enough

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