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  • Consultation: Cycling on the Felixstowe Promenade

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    From: Felixstowe.Forward
    Sent: 15 April 2016 13:56
    Subject: Consultation: Cycling on the Felixstowe Promenade

    Dear Colleagues,

    Please could we ask you to share this information with staff, members (if you are a membership organisation) and forward on to anyone you think it may be of interest to. Thank you.

    Felixstowe Forward is seeking your views on whether cycling should be allowed on Felixstowe Promenade.

    Are you for it, or against it? Please let us know!


    In January 1983, Suffolk Coastal District Council passed some byelaws about ‘Riding Bicycles’, which make cycling on the Felixstowe Promenade unlawful where there are signs put up to prohibit this.
    There are signs on the Promenade which prohibit cycling, so it is currently unlawful to cycle along there.

    In November 2015, Felixstowe Town Council considered the Byelaws purpose, asking if it was still appropriate.

    The Town Council asked: ‘’Suffolk Coastal District Council to consider the removal of notices prohibiting cycling on Felixstowe Prom for a period of no less then 12months; and, pending an assessment of the success of this initiative, consider permitting and promoting safe and considerate cycling on the prom on a permanent basis’’believing that the Promenade should provide a safe environment for all to enjoy.

    However, before it considers the Felixstowe Town Council proposal in detail, Suffolk Coastal is keen to find out what local people think – so has asked Felixstowe Forward to carry out a public consultation on this issue.

    There are two clear options:
    Ø Keep the signs which prohibit cycling on the promenade, so continue to make it unlawful; or,
    Ø Allow cycling, by removing the signs and making cycling on the promenade legal.

    So, we would like you to answer this simple question: ‘Should Suffolk Coastal remove the signs and revoke the bylaw to make cycling on Felixstowe Promenade legal?’

    We would welcome your opinion on this issue. Views will also be sought from relevant authorities, including the Police and Suffolk County Council.

    This consultation will run from Monday, 18 April, to 5pm on Friday, 27 May 2016.

    Next Steps
    The consultation results will then be reviewed, before a report is put before Suffolk Coastal’s Full Council for a decision on this issue.

    We would appreciate your time in returning the attached, with any comments you wish to make – or email your response to me at

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Helen Greengrass
    Felixstowe Forward Change Director
    Felixstowe Forward
    Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils

    Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are working as a partnership and all emails received from us will use the email address | |

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  • Consultation on Proposed Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements at York Way / Goods Way junction

    Created by Jean Dollimore // 1 thread

    The main improvement for cycling is the facilitation of an eastbound route between Goods Way and Wharfdale Road. Unfortunately, due to Wharfdale Road being one way, this route currently doesn't work westbound.

    Camden Council's proposals include the following:

    - Permit cyclists to turn right out of Goods Way into York Way

    - ASLs on all three arms of the junction

    - Northbound approach on York Way towards Goods Way reduced to single motor lane, making room for a cycle lane

    - Signalised green man crossings on all three arms of the junction (only one at present)

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