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  • Massey Close: cyclist dismount and bollards

    Created by Hazel Dawe // 1 thread

    The cut through from Massey Close to Churchill Drive is extremely cyclist unfriendly. As well as the notices telling cyclists to dismount, the metal restrictive posts prevent an average cyclist from cycling through - some hardy regulars can do it. A cyclist with a trailer doesn't stand a chance.

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  • Closure of Netherhall school off road cyclepath

    Created by Phillip Barnett // 1 thread

    (Originally sent to Camb cyclist mailing list)
    Does anyone know why the off-road cyclepath from Cherry Hinton park to Netherhall school has been closed all week? The northern half of this is locked by gates at both ends, (private land, belonging to school) and is open daily just before school, and just at end of school, half hour at a time, for children to get to school off road. Apparently, the primary school at the south end of the path has objected (don't know why? Maybe worried about possible accidents with their children?)
    So for the first time in decades, it's been closed.
    And so now my children are being forced onto longer routes, on busy schoolrun roads, when they had a perfect off-road route, door to door offroad cyclepath all the way!
    I'm sure it's a backwards step in terms of child safety. I will take it up with the school but wondered if anyone knew what's going on?

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  • Old Church Avenue

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    * Remove the cycling prohibition order on Old Church Road and make it shared use.
    * Make the crossing on Harborne Park Road a toucan crossing.
    * Paint a line along the join in the path on Harborne Park Road, to make it split use.
    * Make arrangements to allow cyclists to connect between this cycle path and Vivian Road safely.

    Note that there is a school at the end near the church, which of course encourages motor traffic. Improving the walking and cycling routes here would reduce the motor traffic.

    German towns have made paths such as Old Church Avenue shared use to encourage cycling. They don't become impossibly busy with cyclists, but such moves do result in a much higher cycling modal share, which in turn reduces congestion. Old Church Avenue would make a useful link to encourage cyclists into Harborne. Harborne currently has a difficult-to-use road system and is congested with cars. This is really bad for trade. Removing the cars from Harborne high street would boost trade and revive the high street, but people still need to get there somehow. That's where bikes come in.

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  • Birdcage Walk

    Created by Dawes Jaguar // 0 threads

    Birdcage Walk is fitted with Cycling Prohibited signs and barriers, yet it is as wide as some roads. Talking to a PCSO on a bike I saw cycling there, he told me Cadbury's were happy for people to cycle on Birdcage Walk if they did so responsibly. So how about replacing the signs with "Share with Care" signs, and the barriers with bollards spaced wide enough to allow cyclists through but not motor vehicles?

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  • Speed humps make cyclists choose a busier route?

    Created by Heather Coleman // 1 thread

    A colleague asked if the gate from Downing to the Downing Site was open again, since he needed to go to Pathology. I said it wasn't, but why didn't he take the route I take, down Norwich St, Panton St, Tennis Court Road. Answer, "because I fell off my bike there, those speed humps are dangerous, and if you go slowly enough not to fall off, it's really slow".

    Now I find that worrying. I go my way to avoid the awful traffic jams at the junction by the Catholic Church. I think most people would consider it a safer route. But if some cyclists are being put off going that way, and instead taking the zoo that is Regent St in preference, well, I don't think the traffic calming is doing the job intended.

    Too late to fix this here, but we must make it a priority that any future traffic calming in the city or South Cambs doesn't inadvertently act as an anti-cyclist measure and force cyclists onto the much busier main roads which I'm sure everyone would prefer them not to use if there's a better a and quicker route. But if the traffic calming, that was presumably done, in part, to improve cycle safety, has failed, this is a waste of money. The speed humps on Bateman St, unless you do a slalom, you have to cycle over and the ones on Norwich St are viscious. I've just got good at taking them at speed as I've had plenty of practice.

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