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  • Possible location for a cycle bridge as part of the HS2 / SS2 North- South cycle route

    Created by BrianInBeeston // 0 threads

    The DfT have contracted consultants to come up with a concept for a north south cycle route broadly following the alignment of the HS2 railway line, but linking up key points of interest and centres of population along the way. For the section from East Midlands Airport to the new station at Toton, a key issue is where the cycle route should cross the Trent. There is a compromise to be made between the shortest route from EMA-Toton and locating the bridge where it would serve the largest population. A more Eastern bridge would serve large population centres in Beeston & Clifton, whereas a more western bridge would be a more direct route. A possible compromise would be to locate the bridge near the existing rail bridges at Trent Junction near Trent Lock.

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  • Cycle access to Edinburgh Airport

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    Cycle access to Edinburgh Airport should be improved. You are currently just left to fight it out with cars and buses, then when you get close to the entrance, you have no directions to the cycle parking, and then when you do spot it you have to dart across 4+ lanes of traffic.

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