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  • Lewisham & Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhood (Streetbuilder first stage consult)

    Created by Alex Raha // 1 thread

    Lewisham & Lee Green is changing

    A key target of both the Mayor of London and the London Borough of Lewisham’s Transport Strategy is for 80% of all journeys in London to be made by sustainable means of transport (walking, cycling and public transport) by 2041. To achieve this, we have to create street environments where traffic is reduced, and where vulnerable road users, including children and the elderly, feel more comfortable making journeys on foot or by bike.

    What are the issues that you would like us to address?

    How would you like to change Lewisham & Lee Green to make the area healthier, greener and more pleasant to live in?

    The Healthy Neighbourhoods Programme will help make Lewisham’s diverse communities greener, healthier and more attractive places to live, work, play and do business. By restricting the through traffic that uses residential streets to avoid main roads, we will reduce congestion in your neighbourhood, improve air quality and make the local area more pleasant to walk and cycle through.

    During the first stage of the programme, local residents will be able to access local traffic data, share their views on traffic issues and help identify schemes to address them, on this website and at a series of public events and workshops.

    During the second stage, proposed traffic management measures will be trialled for 6-18 months, so that we can monitor their impact, gather local opinion and assess whether to make any changes permanent

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  • Enfield Transport Plan - Local Implementation Plan

    Created by Clare Rogers // 1 thread

    "The Enfield Transport Plan (ETP) outlines what we will do over the next few years to improve those parts of the transport network which the Council is responsible for. Alongside this there will be continuing maintenance and, at the other end of the scale, delivery of strategic projects, such as the new Meridian Water station.

    The core of the ETP is Enfield’s third Local Implementation Plan (LIP), which is a statutory document setting out how the Council proposes to help implement the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. The LIP also details how we propose to spend funding received from Transport for London (TfL).

    At the heart of the plan is improving people’s health. Our local priorities reflect this, with a focus on making travel more sustainable, active and safe:

    • Making active travel the natural choice, particularly for those trips less than 2km in length.
    • Making more school trips safe, sustainable and healthy.
    • Reducing the impact of private vehicles on our streets.
    • Making the public transport network more accessible and the
    natural choice for longer trips.
    • Maintaining our assets for the benefit of the public."

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  • Active Travel Street Audits - Annan

    Created by Transport Planning and Engineering // 1 thread

    We are Transport Planning and Engineering, the social enterprise sustainable transportation consultancy.

    Dumfries and Galloway Council have asked us to undertake Active Travel Street Audits in five areas of Dumfries and Galloway as part of the Scottish Government’s Smarter Choices Smarter Places initiative. One of the areas we are looking at is Annan.

    The council wants to assist the public to do more active travel such as walking and cycling and the purpose of the audit is to identify the local physical barriers to active travel and suggest measures to encourage it as well. The project will aim to find and prioritise projects that could be undertaken to remove the barriers to active travel across the region.

    Transport Planning and Engineering (TP&E) were set up as a social enterprise by Cycling Scotland, the national cycling charity promoting active travel and everyday cycle use.

    Should you have any matters you would like to bring to our attention for consideration in the audit, please email

    Upon completion of the audit, we will be seeking consultation on the suggested measures.

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