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  • A 540 Parkgate Road at Two Mills

    Created by Chris Neston // 2 threads

    This section of the A540 is Dual carriageway North of the Welsh Road (A550) towards Hoylake ( 60 mph) and single carriageway south of it towards Chester ( 50mph). It is used by hundreds of cyclists every week, yet is extremely dangerous to them and there have been numerous collisions and several cyclists have died along here. It provides a vital link between the lanes of Wirral and those of Chester and North Wales. It also houses the world famous Eureka cyclists cafe.
    Ideally the whole of the A540 from Chester to Hoylake needs a cycle path, but to provide one over the relatively short section between Mudhouse Lane and Woodbank Lane would make an incredible difference for a small outlay. North of the A550 there is plenty of room alongside the existing road. South is more difficult but not insurmountable.

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